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  1. Great ! As when they caught one, 100 passed, it means that lots of X are available in Thailand
  2. Ridiculous. Over the years many friends have been caught with weed and didn't pay more than 10000 thb. I wonder why the op friend was not able to pay her way out ?
  3. The page you were looking for can not be found! Perhaps try searching?
  4. I walk so fast when young, that even slower when old I will still be faster than 90% people...
  5. Ridiculous ! For maximum 10000 thb all my friends wet home within 10 minutes.
  6. So I understand that it is difficult to imagine to improve this website, sorry for my question, but it did not seem so difficult. and yes Thaivisa is a wordpress website, pleas update your knowledge. Only the forum is not wordpress.
  7. so, how is now the business champion who is going to teach to Thai how to proceed ?
  8. hello, Wondering if the daily newsletters are published somewhere as some smart websites are doing ? I do not want to receive anything by Email but would like to see the daily newsletters somewhere on this forum ? is it possible ? why not ? do not want to improve ? thank you.
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