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  1. observed the picture and the nature of the surrounding then a possible explaination is that she took her clotches off as it's no (human) public place and cleaned it with the other washings, and then be surprized rgds,
  2. The complaint... It was on the 4th of the month, and the bag was green with a C printed on it.
  3. I was teached to write the s like that on Elementary School. The s is in script but the 'ink off' was bad made, same as the last y. He mixed the script font and block font style in the text, not consequent. Enough filters for profiling. rgds,
  4. The most farangs , the most.. not all but the most... and volunteers and them who are not in the big busses, that the Chinese used before...they.. so... they are Vikings?
  5. Heard : Su*k Saint Walentin It wasn't He/them (in 'fact' ,which was found in the letters, there were two of them) was executed on the 14th of february. Not sure but Emperor Claudius 2nd feeded him to the lions and the other was beheaded. Before that these days were days of offering and lovemaking (on a rude way, woman were items in lotteries for men and smearing them in with blood (hence the red colors)) and festives with a lot of alcohol and food (as usal back then) After the 4th century the church renamed this fest as Valentines, as the real died Valentin(s) then became martyrs and saints. In the history, many special days (events/happenings/..) got the names of those (specials) who died on that day. Rgds,
  6. I did the report online, for the second time, which led me all the way trough to the last page (4) and I have a bar code. This was done on the 7th of february. I didn't get any confirmation till now, are we supposed to get one? If not, how are we updated till when the next report date is due? I went to the immigration today, have to be there for the extension anyway, and asked them. Said, I have to fill in the form 47 and come back when the visa extension is granted. Some info: I have to extend my visa every 90 days, the date lies around the same as the 90 days report date. I just want to skip the queue at the report and tried the online way. Is the online report working if the visa date is closing too? When I did the Form 47 in personal, I get a new date stamped on a paper with a extra -NOTE- stamp that the visa(extension) is due before the report date. Perhaps this fails online? Any experience and or comments on this? The first (failed) attempt to fill the 90 days report was still in the time the (then buggy) online procedure only worked on Explorer, and I was using a Fox. Rgds,
  7. The Immigration Officer at the border has your Arrival Paper. In your passport you should have the Departure Paper. For the 90 days notification, and visa things like extensions if you need do that, you need the number that is on the Arrival/Departure card. The best is to take a copy or photo right the first day you are in Thailand and keep it somewhere. In that case you still know the number on the paper. This paper is for when you leave the country at any border. But.. You can go to the immigration office, and tell them you lost it. Maybe they can reveal an old copy, so the number is then known, because the 90 days report still need to be done. This paper, the 90 days report bill, you also have to keep with you. Mine (90 days report) was stapled together with the Departure Paper. Still, you need to have a new Departure Paper, this you can get at the airport/border/immigration office. Some, depends on the officer, want you get a police report. Easy to do, and at no cost. Rgds,
  8. ลาบฝรั่ง or better (and translateable) ลาบมันฝรั่ง
  9. I have a VAIO too here, that is my daily computer. The VAIO restore will delete everyhing on the system drive inside the computer. (also your emails and documents will be gone) But important is that the harddisk is original as the system files are hidden on a partition inside here. That option is good when you have a copy of your important files and will make the computer like the first day when you bought it. My VAIO is the VPCCW series and still running 9.5 years, no reinstalls. Good Japan brand Rgds,
  10. Right, and it's better done locally without connection to the internet, backups the mails and documents and doing a clean install. Then put some good software and updates (defenders, patches,..), and a explaination what can be trust and what not. (window messages) If the OP lives in Don Muang he can ask me for assistance with fixing his computer. (and anything electric/technically) Rgds,
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