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  1. 1 hour ago, Bangkok Barry said:


    Bearing in mind that many, many other countries have not given out plastic bags in supermarkets for a decade or more, certainly in Europe, it would be nice to hear from people who originate from those countries how they solved what appears to be a distressing and insurmountable problem for TV contributors living in Thailand.

    Most of those stores who don't give out plastic bags now sell them...LOL!...examples....Walmart in America...no more free bags..but for 10 cents...you can buy all you want...same goes with the grocery stores in California....no more free bags but for 10 cents...you can ball of the "plastic" bags you want....they are a bit thicker than the free ones they used to give out but because they are thicker, they are not considered one time use and therefore OK now???  I don't understand the logic there....and yet everyone touts that these stores haven't given out bags in a decade...because they have been selling them for a decade...LOL.... very hypocritical....I wonder if I can make a business out of selling the thicker plastic bags in all these stores cause they won't be considered a one time use plastic bag....5 baht per bag would be a good starting price...I might be on to something here....

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  2. 9 hours ago, Humpy said:

    So those of us who dispose of our plastic bags responsibly have to forego the convenience of a Supermarket bag because of the knuckleheads who have no thought for how they dispose of their plastic bags . Oh well, at least the local fish market will be happy to fill my canvas reusable bag with the fish head soup  !  

    No doubt about it....the sheep all follow the loudest mouths....its all good...now I just stock my vehicles and bikes with a 100 pack of plastic bags in case the store I use doesn't have any bags....plastic bags will always be around, now it's just an inconvenience to the masses....kind of like air travel....used to be easy, now its a complete inconvenience.

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  3. 6 hours ago, Olmate said:

    Why is he shocked,didn’t,t he check prior?whats he expecting?where is he from? Maybe he is from third world!

    Check where?  TVF??? HAHA, your comment is a joke..I live in Thailand and I am "SHOCKED" everytime I visit Phuket about how expensive everything is...I am just glad my friend owns a nice big house for me and my family to stay in and I always venture to the local thai markets for food and buy drinks at the market...never will I buy anything near the water or in the tourist areas....that's the only way to enjoy the beaches/sunsets etc. without the rip off prices of hotels, food, transportation...

  4. 3 hours ago, Chazar said:

    Yes thats  right as the  USA  has  exactly the same  number of  people in it as  Thailand right and virtually the same size as  well I  guess?

    That's always the excuse...more people, more people...so therefore there are more deaths....NOT!!!  Road deaths are all over the world....is it really hard to accept that there are a lot of road deaths here when there are so many on motorbikes?  Stats in the article show 75% are motorbike accidents, not Car accidents....so if you are on a bike be careful, in a car be careful...you all know how to defensive drive so do it and no need to keep complaining every time there is a holiday. 


    Here are some fun facts from the 2 largest states in the USA in which their population is equivalent to Thailand's Population...."2018 data from the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, the state of Texas had the most car fatalities of any state in the U.S. with 3,722. California had the second most car fatal crashes with 3,602, followed by Florida with 3,112.

    So let's do some creative thinking here....

    Texas 3722 + Calif 3,602 = 7,324 CAR ACCIDENT DEATHS.
    2018 Thailand Road Deaths = 22,491 - It is reported 70% of these deaths were motorbike deaths...so some easy math... 22491 * .70% = 15,743 motorbike deaths...which means there were ONLY 6,747 CAR accident deaths in Thailand last year....less than the 2 USA states that are of equivalent population. 


    You all obviously know (because of all the insightful posts here) that the young Thais don't wear helmets...drive to fast...drive while drunk...drive on the wrong side of the road...drive recklessly while driving their modified motorbikes....so is it really that hard to understand there will be many deaths?  I don't think it's "CARNAGE" ON THE ROADS....car fatalities are similar or less to other countries....it's more motorbike deaths.  I've seen 2 deaths in the last 3 days on the road in front of my housing complex...both motorbikes hitting parked cars because they were driving too fast and drunk.  So there you have it.

  5. 3 hours ago, spidermike007 said:

    Lately, when going in and out of Bangkok, I have been doing it either late at night, after 10pm, or early in the morning, around 5am. During the day it can be utter madness, especially on Highway 9 or 1. Bangkok toward Saraburi. Wow. Public transport desperately needs to be improved, as there are more cars, and more trucks every year. Also, they need to figure out a more efficient way to move freight, as a large portion of this problem is due to slow moving trucks clogging the highways. Maybe carpool lanes? Or more freight trains. That would be some progress!

    I drive from Khon Kaen to Bangkok often and 95% of the time I leave at 8pm or later.  Daytime driving is ridiculous...the heavy trucks in the day or night are the most dangerous, plus they are the ones that cause all the traffic as they cannot get up even the smallest hill without slowing to a crawl and they always cover all the lanes....Solution...the elevated highway is nearly complete....supposedly, heavy trucks are not allowed on the elevated highway so hopefully when it opens in 2021 the drive will be much better.  I will pay the Toll no matter what it costs just to get away from the heavy trucks.

  6. 14 hours ago, sanemax said:

    You have one week to sit and think about it and ways to solve that problem .

      You are at the till

    Shopping paid for .

    No plastic bags .

    How will you manAge to take all your shopping home ?

    One week to think about it 

    Plastic bags are still available to buy...you can buy like a thousand bags for 100 baht....just buy your own and take some when you go shopping....much lighter and easier to carry than the cloth bags....

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  7. So I have read 2 pages of folks complaining about the Thais using plastic and foam but yet I have not read one solution to the problem....anyone have a solution?  I read bio-degradable packaging but what is that?  where is it?  is it available in Thailand?  so if there is no solution for the thai besides a hard container, what are they to do??  you can't use paper for liquid so what is the solution....it's pointless to ridicule the thais...how about coming up with viable solutions....if bio degradable bags were a solution, then wouldn't that be everywhere in the world by now...?  Many of the states in the US just eliminated plastic bags altogether....but that was a viable solution there...I don't think you can do that here for street vendors...
    Wouldn't it make more sense to educate the thais on where to throw their plastic?  Anyone ever live in Japan?  if you have you would know how strict Japan is for recycling and discarding plastic....they learn this while growing up from parents and school.  Plastic is not the problem...people are.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Just Weird said:

    What sort of Thais do you get your information from?!

    It is just an assumption...bad economy combined with a huge drop in tourist spending in Phuket...folks are getting desperate.  Where are the easiest targets to get money?  Robbing the local 7 Eleven where there are cameras every 2 feet or robbing an elderly man in his home where the chance of a camera is next to none?  It's a pretty obvious choice.  It seems to me that the reporting of this type of crime is on the rise.  It makes sense that falangs are targets because in order of us to be here, we need money in our banks and a steady source of income.  There are a lot of elderly falangs here that are considered easy targets.  So to not even think that we are NOT a target is very naïve on your part.

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  9. 19 hours ago, Burma Bill said:

    Great idea but let us be realistic here in rural areas away from Bangkok and "Superstores", where small village shops and markets rely on one-off plastic bags for goods, produce and food. Some stalls and retail outlets actually dedicate their business to the sale of plastic bags for these purposes, also foam boxes and plastic spoons! The plastic bag will still be around "out in the sticks" well beyond 2021. Plan a visit and see for yourself.

    and I will be happy to use that plastic bag any day of the week because the plastic bag doesn't hurt the environment, its the damn lazy ass people who do not know how to dispose of it. 

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  10. 16 hours ago, dddave said:


    Hardly shortsighted. U-Tapao will be a major passenger and air cargo hub within 10 years which Thailand desperately needs as both BKK & DMK are at cargo capacity even now.  If the sea freight bottle-neck at laem Chabang can be relieved, Thailand's freight transportation infrastructure will be the best in SE Asia.   The eastern seaboard has more than tripled  it's manufacturing output over the last 15 years and with proper transportation infrastructure, will probably exceed that rate the next 15 years. This will create large numbers of highly technical and high paying jobs; the payoff to Thailand will be huge. 

    you are using too much logic, foresight, using too many big words and you make too much sense for this forum group....finally someone with some intellect making an actual intelligent response about the potential of something like this.  Here come all the negative responses to this comment now...ready go!

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  11. Harem Club is still open...plenty of entertainment there.  The Charoentani hotel also has a lounge bar below with plenty of hostesses to entertain.  Just speak with mama and she will find you an English speaking lady to keep you company.  There are karaoke rooms there as well if you like to sing.

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  12. 36 minutes ago, mfd101 said:

    Well, a strong baht keeps imports cheaper than they otherwise would be. Which helps not just 'rich people' but also the slowly increasing Thai middle classes, who also consume imported goods.


    But yes, some things will suffer with a strong baht. Tourism is an obvious example. If there is enough suffering, the baht will fall ...


    Conclusion: Any large modern or even semi-modern economy is immensely complex. At any one time, some things are going up, some things are going down, and some things are stable. The economists' figures are just averages of activity & complexity over time. We don't have anything better to go on for the big picture.

    That doesn't work here in Thailand as most imports are highly taxed which makes a strong baht useless and only affects tourists, exports and the expat community.  I can't believe there aren't more companies screaming about the strong baht.  Compared to Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines; what makes the baht so special?  Those currencies are very weak in line with a flat world economy, but the Baht is steaming along at a near all time high.  The USA had the Baht on the manipulation watch list 2 years ago, I hope they investigate further what the Thai government is doing to keep it propped up.

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  13. 7 hours ago, Pib said:

    You do need Medicare Part B when reaching age 65 for your Tricare coverage to continue.   Upon turning 65 your Tricare Overseas/Select ends for you unless you have enrolled in Medicare Part B...then you are automatically transitioned to Tricare for Life coverage. 


    You can not take advantage of the Medicare Part B coverage while outside the U.S.....you only have the Tricare coverage....but once setting foot back in the US (even for a one day visit or moving back permanently) you are covered by both Medicare and Tricare.


    You don't need it when under age 65....I still have 20 more years before I reach 65 (knock on wood).

  14. 12 hours ago, Danthai said:

    Those living or visiting here who are retired US military already have very good US Government Insurance called Tricare Select OS.  To use overseas they must have both part A and B medicare coverage. It has excellent coverage for Retired and their families.

    You don't need Medicare to use Tricare here in Thailand....I use it for me and my family (2Kids)....the catch is you pay up front and you get reimbursed via direct deposit after you upload your receipts via Tricare Online. 

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