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  1. I have nothing to add to the discussion on various interpretations of the recent police order about OA visas and health insurance. I'll wait and see how TI interprets it in practice. I will say this, though, speaking only for myself: I had a Non-Imm OA visa, but I don't now. It expired a while ago. I now have an extension of permission to stay, renewed yearly. A future requirement by TI that I purchase overpriced, poor quality health cover either to enter Thailand or to renew my extension of permission to stay will be a deal breaker. I already show TI that I have the financial resources to live well and meet my financial obligations. Unnecessary, over-priced and sub-standard mandatory health cover is a bridge too far.
  2. Thanks, Joe. I've always found it useful to run the Thai versions by senior members of Thai family to get their opinions on what things are likely to mean in practice.
  3. Seems to me that (as with other recent changes imposed by TI) there will be a lot of arguing and bickering about what a new regulation or police order means or doesn't mean for extensions of stay, but we won't really know until people show up at TI to extend and see what TI actually does. Those who need to extend in November (after the new police order takes effect 31 Oct.) will be the guinea pigs. Those of us fortunate enough to extend later need to make plans based on the guinea pigs' experiences.
  4. If anyone has it, could they please post a link to the Thai version of this police order? I've looked on the Thai immigration website and also the list of regulations, police orders, etc. on this forum but can't find it. Thanks.
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