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  1. I am in a very very similar situation. My affidavit is from the U.S. embassy dated the very end of December 2018 and my extension expires toward the end of June. The last time I did my 90-day report at Chaeng Wattana, my wife talked to the person she said was the "head" of the section doing retirement extensions and was told that the affidavit would still be accepted for 6 months (i.e., until the end of June). I can't say what other TI offices will do, but I'm confident my affidavit will be valid when I apply for the extension at CW in the first part of June.
  2. I did a search in this forum, but maybe past threads on the subject were too long ago. I know that not many companies will cover those over 65 or 70 and that the premiums will be high. Still, are there any good companies that still offer cover? I'm American, retired, 67.
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