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  1. Here it is again, the stupid story ''Russia did it''. I am not an American, nor am I taking sides. Just reading the news from all sides. I have understood that American people voted for Trump because they want a change. The smug Amer. elite ridicule the good, hardworking Amer. people who are Trump voters . When it comes to a certain foreign interference ,undoubtedly it was the Steele dossier, an anti-Trump collection of fake information which was based on rumours, gossip and lies . Steele is British I think. And that 'incriminating' dossier, which is rubbish , was ordered by some Fuse group ( the name is something like that) , financed by the Clintons. The fake dossier was a base for Mueller to start an investigation against Trump. We know the result. Whether you like Trump or not, take an objective and unbiased view of the situation: he hasn't committed any crime, otherwise he wouldn't have been in the W.H. office. He is even more popular now,he really gives a better impression than any Dem. candidate. I do enjoy reading all about what is going on now in the US, it is better than 'House of cards' (netflix famous series )
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