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  1. Yes 76 and remember what they did to my Family. So can old Brits.Stay independent is my belief. Radical Islamics are the next Hitlers but the Do Gooders deny as usual.
  2. Perhaps like me she never heard of Chris Brown, he sounds like a Bakers Boy.

    Buying new Toyota Camry

    No,They start a 1350ish and dont have the Stigma of a Tuna Yob. Most unfair as only a few Bully other road users.
  4. The Brits dance to the German tune in the EU/Brexit debarcle.All that sacrifice for nothing.They only want the Brits so they can milk em.We wont ever join.
  5. You cant beat a few Graphs to make a point. My memory graph shows all the Lazy Idle Folks ive known are poor and whingers today. But we cant have that honesty today, they suffer from an Impairment caused by falling off their Potty at an early age in entitled Western Snowflake Land. Live in Dhaka Bangladesh, thats real desperation for youngsters.
  6. We had a yearly open House for 2 Mini Bus loads years back. Never got through so many broken toilet seats, Band Aids, Kids falling in the Pool, general Mayhem, but they loved it. Like many it closed.We lost a Mini Bus, it disappeared too.!. Theres allways one who abuses a charity im affraid.
  7. You dont touch the phone, it works from all those dam buttons on the steering wheel, i often chat with the Cruise Control or GPS, that Woman never listens.

    Buying new Toyota Camry

    Is it here yet.?., it looks nicer in the pics
  9. To Me they are known as a Suspension from Thai Visa, mainly from Scunthorpe i believing.
  10. Watch NORWAY FREE 1945 on You Tube.I Never trus anyone but the Old Alliance.
  11. No, their head look like the white ball on the product.
  12. Have You noticed how many Roll On Deodorant heads visit Thailand there days. In the Nam Years there were a few, but they wore Rugs.
  13. I stll see a Plane fly over, and hope it drops a Food Parcel.This place is a Gastronomic Dessert once out of BKK. Cars are even worse. Thats it ize happy realy.
  14. Make sure you fit the Criterion, and stop tearing yourself apart .