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  1. Would also be interested to know. I have lodgings here, but if they are, I may need to go stay a few nights...
  2. With your winning personality, I presume you just sat in the corner getting on the hand-trolley?
  3. Wow, you're a bit bitter about something that has absolutely no impact on you. With that sort of attitude I'm picking you haven't had "tail" (that you didn't have to pay a bar fine for) in a very long time
  4. Thai apologist, don't like it go home, sanook nazi. Maybe you can get a job with immigration checking TM30s. Didn't answer my question though, did you? Keep giving out your fantastic legal advice, you're doing a great job.
  5. The guy's an idiot showing no respect for other's property or himself. Another quality tourist... As opposed to a large percentage of the long-term expat posters on this forum who show no respect for Thai women or the Thai population in general? But yeah, you're right, this guy is the problem.
  6. Shame she didn't just do her own throat first. Barely looks like she even made a scratch on her own. RIP little one. I'm not religious, but you're undoubtedly in a better place than you were with that piece of trash looking after you
  7. LOL. "I did it ages ago so it's okay" - great excuse Every hotel or hostel I've ever checked into says that extras staying in the room are the responsibility of the individual guest. Everything he would have signed when checking in would have stated that. If you don't like how Thailand has become, why are you still here?
  8. So you judge the entire populace using its unelected leader as an example? The flaw in that logic is so astounding I dont quite know where to start. I already knew you didn't feel that way. Basically every post you make is bagging the Thais somehow. Somewhat surprisingly, you're still in Thailand though?I guess you hate the western world too. I'm starting to see a pattern here. If I ever hated a population as much as you appear to, I'd probably leave. That's just me though.
  9. I made a similar comment earlier which I suspect fell on deaf ears. You're barking up the wrong tree explaining that concept to about 70% of the posters here mate. May as well be trying to explain to them that most Thais are actually decent people or something. Get a similar blank or disbelieving look.
  10. His stand being "piss off your dorm mates, get thrown out of the hostel and punch someone over an eight dollar bill"? He's not exactly a modern day Rosa Parks...
  11. Are we talking westerners or Thais? Because I have a mix of both who I would consider genuine friends - never had anything stolen, never been asked for money. Maybe we run in different circles.
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