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  1. This will be nightmare for some of the hotels which are proximate to sois 6, 7 and 8. As it is, some of those bars which are completely empty but for some disinterested looking bar girls still play obnoxiously loud and crappy music until 2am which is easily heard in nearby hotels thanks to zero soundproofing. Your regular tourist won't want to put up with that til 4am.
  2. Strange article this one. While the poor are definitely statistically over-represented in the road deaths - avoidable things such as not wearing helmets, driving at excessive speed and habitual drink driving does not help their cause. For every poor person who gets mowed down by a rich person in a BMW, I bet there are 100 times more who die in an avoidable manner as a result of their own actions (or inactions). Absolutely concur that the rich are far less likely to face justice or be punished though.
  3. Fondly reminiscing about my uni days where we just used to get drunk and try to get laid, not beat the snot out of rival unis with improvised weapons and knives.
  4. Perhaps they could bring Chiang Mai into the fold and stop enforcing midnight closing. Extend it out til 2am to be in line with the rest of Thailand.
  5. Agreed. Wont give you a bag on Wednesday but will pretty much individually bag your other items every other day of the week, and double bag anything over 1kg.
  6. Or a beard. Or who wears their cellphone in a holder on their belt. That's what pockets are designed for. If they don't trust pockets, I don't trust them.
  7. Yet they'll still probably give the Chinese their own queue. Go figure.
  8. Imagine what the news would look like if they posted a story every time a westerner fell for a sob story and got ripped off by a Thai.
  9. In my few years here I've seen that all minivan drivers seem to drive like <deleted>, bar none. Even in city streets in Chiang mai you see them doing double the posted limit and passing on yellow lines, running red lights etc. Meaningful enforcement rather than virtue signalling would be a much better solution
  10. Pretty much just here to see the ranting of angry expats. My TM30 reporting takes up a few hours each year. It's not ideal, but it is what it is.
  11. Again, you completely miss the point. They're lamenting the timeframe it took to get the bodies back to the family for traditional burial processes. The bodies absolutely can be identified through DNA testing, but that requires probably up to a week of turn around time from the time the body is received, DNA taken, comparison DNA found, or familial DNA taken, results taken to the lab and tested. That is the issue here. If you'd have read the article and had any background knowledge in DNA testing, you'd have known that. Rather, you've just decided to try to pick apart everyone elses comments on here.
  12. That makes no sense at all. Presuming someone has had most of their head blown off by a shot at close range (which I understand many did), has no ID on them (because they're at their place of worship and probably aren't carrying a wallet) and no tattoos or other distinguishing features, it makes victim ID very difficult. DNA testing doesn't happen in the timeframes of the movies you watch. 51 dead bodies all needing it would put a tremendous strain on the resources. Imagine the criticism if the wrong body was delivered to the wrong family. I'm sure you'd be the first to line the boot up.
  13. Presumably because in a country where everyone seems to go by nicknames, it isn't as simple as looking him up in the whitepages?
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