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  1. Great, so we don't have to pay for the privilege of dodging drunk drivers during that time.
  2. Agreed. Problem is he's burnt his bridges with the right, and most of his voters, who widely expected he would fall to the right when choosing a coalition. Most NZ First voters are more aligned to the National party than Labour or the Greens. His decision was met with some outrage from those ranks. I'd say this will be NZ First's swansong, because those people won't vote for him again. At this very moment, he is on his way to Turkey to try and appease the Turkish president, who has made a bunch of threats about westerners in his country. That's right, he's heading to pander to the guy who imprisoned around 800 academics last year for signing an open letter condemning systematic torture being used by the Turkish security forces. I'm embarrassed that our government would even give the Turkish president the time of day, given his human rights record.
  3. Sonny Bill Williams, who is a Muslim convert athlete in NZ and not afraid of speaking out against things (he covered the collar of his Auckland Blues shirt because it had a bank logo which was against his Muslim principles) played for the crusaders and clearly had no issue. So in short, no. But it's also not the Muslims who are calling for the name change. It's the knee jerk PC bleeding hearts. It's just unfortunate that the Muslims will get the blame for this name change suggestion, because it hasn't come from them so any criticism to them is undeserved
  4. I'm a kiwi and have been proud of how our country has reacted for the most part, but it's starting to get a little bit knee-jerk now with this, the immigration, and the gun amnesty thing. The Crusaders have been in existence for more than 20 years. They have players of many races playing for them and supporters of all faiths. Sonny Bill Williams, arguably NZ's most famous Muslim used to play for them. Never once has their name been an issue. The government has also mooted the idea of granting all families who lost a loved one citizenship - I'd prefer they actually slowed down and assessed each person properly, as they would with everyone else. I'm pro-immigration, but we still need our checks and balances. I don't think people need MSSA guns, but they shouldn't be pressuring Farmer John to be handing in his hunting rifle which he has used without incident for 40 years
  5. Same result as the wrist watches I imagine. All animals are equal but some are more equal than others
  6. Great, so now it will be 10 octogenarian Indian men standing around a single hooker on Beach Road, rather than ones in their 30's...
  7. They're only limiting MSSA weapons, not other rifles which can be used for other purposes. Just semi-automatics which are designed only to kill other humans. It is a very small minority who will oppose this.
  8. The best bit of it all is all the outraged mouth-breathers who are quick to call others snowflakes getting offended by someone getting a measly egg broken on them. These Chch shooting stories really have brought all the racist expats out in force though
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