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  1. In my mind, the reason to have the bankbook updated with a new entry just prior to doing your renewal is to verify the seasoning requirement. If the last entry in your bankbook is 2 or 3 months old there is no way to prove your balance never went below the required amount (you could have made a withdrawal taking the balance below 800k and topped it up at a later date). The Bank letters I got never mentioned the seasoning of the account just the balance on the day of the letter.
  2. OP, if you still want to consider using the agent, I would call them, perhaps they did not want to provide a lot of details in an email. Get clarity on everything you need to provide and how they will process your extension. If you are 10 hours away from the agent the biggest question to ask is which immigration office would they process the extension at, as that would be the office you would need to do 90 day reports and probably other immigration related activities. Best of luck to you.
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