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  1. Possibly just a Freudian slip, where the mouth comes out with what the brain is really thinking of. I had it once, ordering a ticket at the train station to Tooting, and the girl had a lovely pair of knockers and I asked for a ticket to Titting. Told my mate about about it who told me he had had one that morning too. Meant to say to the wife at breakfast, "please can you pass the milk." Actually came out with, "You miserable <deleted> shrew! You have ruined my entire life!"
  2. I always enjoy reading the drivel this fool comes out with as I like a good laugh from time to time. People who are unable to work out that he is continuously spouting lies about how he would like things to be, and how he thinks his supporters want it to be, rather than reality, must be completely blinkered.
  3. Daylight robbery with the cops standing guard? Who would have thought it?
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