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  1. There is an idiot in the equation alright, but he doesn't need to look as far afield as America to find it. Quick look in the mirror should show him.
  2. From the full story: In the statement, the law professors said that political conflict in Thailand, which has dragged on for several years, could be eased or resolved “if the law or the interpretation of the law is applied fairly and rightfully, if the jurists perform their duty without bias and the people in society join forces to search for a solution with reason and patience.” While they are spot on with their comment, seeing the law applied fairly and rightfully under this Government is never going to happen.
  3. Bangkok is not going to be alone. There is a glut of empty property in Pattaya and they are still building more. I wouldn't be buying right now, as it seems prices are highly likely to fall given the surplus.
  4. Suspended sentence and a 3 month driving ban for wiping out 6 cars and killing a bike driver? WOW! One hell of a deterrent to other "I own the road, get out of my way" drivers out there, huh? I bet the situation would have been a whole lot different and a whole lot more expensive if the driver had been a farang though.
  5. I have seen them do it with my own eyes more than once, so denying police do it doesn't work with me. There is a depth of stupidity beyond belief when they do it especially to those who aren't wearing a helmet. They know the dangers as people have died from exactly this before, so the cop should be charged with murder, pure and simple.
  6. Well I will take a crack at that one. Lets start with Trump being hardest on them. Bit difficult for anyone else to do it as he is running the show and I recall he was loathe to place the sanctions, but wasn't given much option in it. Secondly, why would they want Trump in again? It seems blatantly obvious to those who aren't blind. It is way way better for Russia to have an irrational and egotistical fool at the helm of the worlds supposed greatest power than someone who can act logically and in the genuine interests of the country. I think that answers your question. You might have trouble understanding it, but the Russians don't!
  7. Unless he was aware of the verdict in advance, why would he feel the need to put out a show of brute force? Given the very rational and logical rebuttal arguments put forward by Future Forward, and the awful damage it does to a country's reputation to rule a political opponent not to be allowed to exist, a reasonable, lawful and genuine court couldn't even dream of dissolving them, so such precautions should be wholly unnecessary. Yes, I know graffiti and showing tits in public by foreigners damages the country's reputation, (allegedly) but surely for the love of god, this would be way, way worse?
  8. I very nearly choked on my beer when I read that. I think he must have got his words muddled up. Try replacing the word "hid" with "told" and the sentence has a more honest ring to it.
  9. I somehow suspect that they are going to be off work for quite a bit longer than that.This is not the sort of problem that is going to go away in a couple of weeks. Happy though to hear that some normally ignored necessary maintenance is being done. Perhaps when tourists do return their hotel might actually be safe.
  10. Sickening. they didn't even know who had allegedly thrown a bottle but joined in a mob frenzy to beat the <deleted> out of a poor guy who happened to be passing by. Glad to hear bail is being opposed and I hope the judge gives them a very long time to think about their cowardice and wretchedness.
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