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  1. Why not go for the Soccer World cup? Thailand is perfectly qualified to make the under the table payments necessary, which seems to be the way Qatar got it.
  2. Someone who stole an entire country has no right to tell the citizens that dishonesty is not acceptable.
  3. Horn or police siren? As many here know honking your horn at another motorist inflames them in a similar manner to insulting their mother. If he was off duty and felt the BMW driver was at fault, he should have taken the vehicle details and reported it. That said, the BMW driver now most definitely needs to be found and suffer the consequences of his seriously stupid and dangerous actions.
  4. I am not sure which is most sad, the shockingly racist attack by Trump, or some otherwise good men and women from the Republican party not standing up and condemning it. Trump is not making America great again with such vitriolic hate filled speech, he is dragging it further and further into the gutter.
  5. Daily news probably don't know the location of the ATM closest to where this happened then. If the driver thought blowing 286 wasn't much, I bet he had a different opinion about when they told him how much he had to hand over.
  6. It shows how far we have come as understanding individuals that the British Government can so publicly acknowledge and laud a person that it vilified not so many years back. I am sure some very serious discussion went into the decision, and am extremely happy that the consensus at the end of things worked out like this. It is so very tragic that he never knew about this recognition and accolade.
  7. Now who on earth would recklessly put a bloody great tree in such an inconvenient place, that an idiot hammering along way too fast in the dark would run into it?
  8. Except there hasn't been enough rain to bother mentioning. What he really means is that he is a lazy git, who can't be bothered to keep his van in any sort of respectable order, and that there is something stuck in his backside that is causing significant irritation.
  9. I am told that sympathy can be found by everyone in the dictionary somewhere between shit and syphilis. When a poster is asking for advice, it is customary to offer some if you are able, or shut up, if you cannot. Not everyone has been here for years and is totally up to speed with Thai visa restrictions, many of which would seem absurd and draconian in many other places. Edogthong, follow the advice of the better posters above and you should be good, though be aware Thailand is being super paranoid about repeat visitors. I guess the place is just so damned good, they have to keep people out to make room for the hoards rushing in. Immigration probably hasn't heard yet that tourist numbers are through the floor, but the red carpet will probably be out for you once they do.
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