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  1. Hi, I need to withdraw 100k baht from my scotiabank chequing account. I went to multiple banks but they said they aren't able to do it and that i should just use the atm and pay the fee everytime which is 220 baht. The problem is that i can only withdraw 11k baht per my bank limit and even if i have it raised, the atm only allows 20k to 30k baht per transaction. I went to weston union, they said they require the debit card to have the owners name on the card. Scotiabank debit cards don't have that. They weren't sure about the limit of how much i can withdraw at once anyway. Is there any solution to this? Any special bank that can work this out? Should I call my bank and see if they can arrange something? or Is there a way to send money cheaply to a friend who has a thai bank account? (The person is thai) Using this method i probably will not pay any fee or very little, under 100 baht i think.
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