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  1. do bikes have headlights ????? if they do then the light should/would show up the obstacle in the road!!!!
  2. BECAUSE it was (the bikini race) cancelled some weeks/months ago....NO ONE EVER CHECKED THE CALLENDAR.....hence race is now when it is going to be along with Loi Krathong, which is on the day/date that it is suppose to be !!!!
  3. depends on what kinda truck one bought/buys........
  4. GREAT advice for the poster......think best he uses this agent.....
  5. the girls in photos DO NOT LOOK TO BE WEARING BIKINIS TO ME !!!
  6. great comments/post.....i could not get the figures to add up neither.......
  7. i always thort domestic chk in times WAS 2 hours????
  8. i took utility bills with me, and a bank statement from Uk as proof of address
  9. agree should be nothing ones address is on the reverse side of present driving licence...IT IS JUST ANOTHER way of making money !!!!
  10. far too much....they are taking the **ss....cost me 360 baht....many months ago
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