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  1. So what will people do.....if bars OPEN AT 4 am??? what time will they all close???
  2. because THEY do NOT know of any other countries or where the other countries ARE. Not get taught geography in schools !!!
  3. drinking is a sport and so is chasing bar girls.....medals are awarded for who can drink the most and who can bed the most bar girls !!!
  4. we have heard all this before weeks ago, there has NOT been much rain in Pattaya areas for weeks...are they sure they know how to predict rainfall ???
  5. and what about the drivers of such vehicles,,,???
  6. will have to wait for a very very very very LONG TIME then !!!
  7. when I was in hospital (covered by holiday travel insurance) bkk patts WOULD not let me leave (it was a Sunday) or give me my passport back until the Insurance company (AXA) PAID.....
  8. difficult as would depend on what ranking/high ranking post one is chasing.....
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