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  1. So after all this he’s actually acquitted of the killing and possession of the black leopard? Shameful. You had one job, judge....
  2. Instagram effect. When you look at an endless stream of contrived, perfect lives (none of which actually exist) then your own becomes quite shabby by comparison.
  3. Shocking to hear someone with authority speak the truth here in Thailand. Hopefully he doesn’t get arrested for “embarrassing” the government.
  4. They are strict in Europe about renting cars and needing an international licenses, so definitely make sure you get one before your trip.
  5. For a country so concerned with saving face and appearances, I can’t think of a greater or more visually prominent disgrace than its own skies right now.
  6. Just to close the loop on this: I ended up making the connection even with the SeaTran being 20 minutes late and the flight on time, with plenty of time to spare. One thing that helped was checking in for the flight online rather than at the airport (so I could just do bag drop instead of check in line). I hope this helps others.
  7. Hello, Wondering if people with plenty of experience with Ko Samui airport travel can help me decide how best to fly out when coming from Koh Phangan. I have a flight out of Samui airport at 10:20am. Seatran has a ferry that says it arrives to Samui airport (after land connection) at 9:30am. Is this enough time to check in (I have one bag to check) and make my flight? I have no idea how crowded and fast/slow Samui airport is on a typical morning, so any advice here would be helpful and appreciated. I know it’s the most certain option, but I prefer not to have to overnight on Samui if at all possible, but if my chances of making it over from Phangan in time the morning of my flight are slim then I suppose it’s my only option. Thanks all.
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