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  1. I wanne publish our story because I wanne warn others about the corrupt and crazy authority system in Krabi/Thailand and I wanne publish in hope that some other people with authority in Thailand can make the police stop blame victims and make them start help because much better for rumours of Thailand. My daughter was raped in AoNang short time past midnight 12. February and after I take her to Krabi hospital for get injection, Dna test etc we reported to police and the same day we reported the staff from the bar the rape happened inside came to the hotel we stayed in and start threatening us... and we flew Thailand 1.5 day before court because this bad guys get worse, we found out police lying to us long story and you will find all details in another story. My husband and I thought we found a way for finally give my daughter justice when she still safe in Norway so we travel to Surat Thani in September and prepared together with the lawyer, and our lawyer told we will win the case for 100% and my husband and I travel happy back to Norway for think and discuss travel for stay in court or not. My husband and I had big trust in this lawyer and what he said so we booked flight + hotel and came back to krabi airport 8.november... guess what happened? After 1 night in hotel, date 9. November, my husband take his first steps outside hotel for buy chips/candy in SMart next to the hotel and a white pickup stop him and the driver, a Thai man, pointing a gun at my husband and tell him to take me out of Thailand that day if not he will kill me and him, if he tell security at hotel they will kill security too... This was Friday 9. November and I was going to witness and fight justice for my daughter in Krabi court 13. November... but this guys is so crazy and we know they mean it when they say they wanne kill me... and we don’t know how they knew we was back, how they knew what hotel we stayed in, how they knew my husband was outside hotel and in same minute the gunman show up... to much things suddenly not okay so we decided to escape/flew Thailand again... my second time flew Thailand a few days before court. My lawyer from Surat Thani that I already had paid and cleared out that could take case in court without both my daughter and me, change his mind and write messages to me and tell my daughter must come to court her self because she is the plaintiff in case... he already knew my daughter can’t come back to Thailand because she still suffering after rape, the threatening, our escape and hiding in Dubai in February. I had prepared all documents from Norway authorities and Thai embassy in Norway so this lawyer has 100% power of authority and can take my daughter case in court without her... he told me to fix this documents so he could take it all when we back in Norway and I did what he told me to do but monday 12. November he message me can not and when I ask why you change your rules he answer me “can not, this is Thailand” Our embassy in Bangkok doesn’t help and I’m lost, sad and angry because I believe police in Krabi, the bad guys in AoNang and our lawyer from Surat Thani set me up... how can they do this way? Why they don’t protect and help??? A f...... local bartender raped my daughter and all his friends + polices day our lawyer only continue the crime against us!
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