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  1. I guess you’re one of the reasons immigration is tightening up on tourist visa entries. Anyway good luck to you.
  2. Could be wrong but I think US light bulbs and luminaries have a different screw thread than those available in Thailand. When we moved back from the US to Thailand we just sold everything we bought there and started again here.
  3. So the “archaic” alcohol free days are actually religious holidays. Do you suggest that now Saudi Arabia which is going to start issuing tourist visas and is also alcohol free (100%) on religious grounds should start allowing alcohol sales? Just interested.
  4. Not sure why you think the TM30 is a money grab. If you comply with the requirements there is no cost associated with it. Do you get charged to lodge a TM 30 ? Just interested.
  5. Isn’t damage caused by water an insured event ? Either the Condo maintains insurance or each owner should.
  6. Sounds like a plan but get firm agreement to who pays before the builder opens up the ceiling.
  7. In fairness when we left Thailand for an overseas trip last month all the outbound IO desks were full and there were a number of trainees there. Seemed like a positive move.
  8. Yes, I pitch up dead on opening time and I’m on my way home in 5 minutes. Slick service. A+
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