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  1. I think for DUI of drugs or alcohol should be penalised by a substantial fine, impounding of vehicle if fine not paid and , suspension of licence. Will that cause hardship. Answer is yes, both to the driver and his dependants. Big deterrent ! Raising fines for lower level offences is pointless in my opinion as a lot of the drivers already say they cannot pay. I think that for these offences the lower fines could be imposed, but THE POLICE HAVE TO BE ENFORCING THE LAW. it's all about enforcement and bringing the law breakers to heel, and not let them run riot willy nilly on the roads.
  2. The Thb 800 k is still yours. Immigration just want to make sure you have it. You can leave it to your next of kin or any flavour of the month bar girl. It's still yours! It's not a "cost".
  3. As I posted before, innocent until proven guilty. Let the justice system run its course.
  4. Suspicious for sure. The husband would be one of my prime suspects until found otherwise. However innocent until proven guilty.
  5. Our daughter was from my wife under a previous marriage. When I met her 10 years ago when she was 6 she only spoke Thai. I bought some books from the UK in English ( started with stuff that was for a 3 year old), and took it from there. Now she's 16 and her conversational English is excellent. The arrangement we had was that I would help her with her English and she would help me with Thai..... She lapped up the learning English bit but my Thai didn't improve that much . Anyway, bottom line is that at that age the child will pick up both languages. I'd suggest as it gets older try to have some English language conversations. Helps their comprehension and acceptance of English. It's a great gift you can pass onto your child.
  6. Too difficult to sort out ! My rule now is that if there is a service charge entry on the bill, then sorry no tip. If staff start leaving their employer because of no tips then that's the establishments fault. In bars/local restaurants I always leave a tip because many of the staff in those places rely on the customer voluntary contribution to make ends meet.
  7. Yep, hit and run is a big problem here. I don't know if it's because they think their number plate is not spotted, or whether they think they can just get away with it. I think DUI, drugs, no licence, no non mandatory insurance or stolen vehicle might be an influencer as well.
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