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  1. Yes, that’s what I do. Easy
  2. Don’t know what a new one runs, but I would guess Thb 65,000. Not worth the inevitable aggravation you will have by renting it. Find somewhere to store it safely and just leave it for the 8 months would be my view. Any agent/vendor you find to rent it will be more interested in renting his/her own bikes I would guess.
  3. He knew the rules and chose to ignore them. If he hasn’t got the requirements to stay legally then he shouldn’t be here. The consequences of doing something like this can seriously ruin your retirement plan.
  4. We had our house remodelled and moved the location of an AC unit. We chose to pull out the old unit, while remodelling was going on and reinstall the new one when all the work was finished. Remodelling makes a whole heap of dust which we wanted to keep out of the new unit.
  5. You can slip it 7 days I believe if you go to the IO. No penalty for doing so.
  6. I think its possible if you don't mind dancing with the red tape, and have lots of dosh for the import fees etc. I looked at it 8 years ago with two classic British sports cars I'd refurbished, and from a cost perspective it just wasn't worth it. If the vehicle is near and dear to you, I'd have a logistics company look at the practicality , process and estimated costs for you, otherwise I wouldn't bother. I do believe that high end cars cannot be imported anymore, but that's a vague recollection from scanning a news article a year or so back.
  7. No, I have a safe deposit box at my bank. For what they charge I think it’s more secure.
  8. Flights still available and have been through the lockdown. I agree limited options but they are available. I think EVA runs on Sundays from memory.
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