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  1. Please note that if you use a 9v battery it is still fitted negative to earth.
  2. Lol... What's fake? Somebody maybe paid to use that label. It may be made under license. I did not say that it was fake. Some Exide batteries were made in China for Exide. They may not be quite as good (perhaps they are better now) but they are not fakes. According to Alibaba some/all Bosch batteries are manufactured in China. I've never looked for Supercharge in Thailand myself as I don't own a vehicle, just a motor scooter. Looks to be sold primarily in NZ Australia and I suppose the Phillipines. Too bad.
  3. Some of you have mentioned keeping the power on to a vehicle. If you don't open the doors or the boot a small 9v battery will keep the memory. However if you fail all is not lost. After installing the new battery turn on the ignition but do NOT start the vehicle. Wait at least 90 seconds. Turn off the ignition. Then turn on the ignition again and start the car normally. All should be well although if your car's radio has a code you will need to re-enter it. If you have a Range Rover do not lose power because you also have to reprogram the windows several times. All the way up and then all the way down. Rinse and repeat until they re-learn... a right pain. You can hook a power source to the main terminal on the alternator and to any earth. Much easier than trying to handle the battety terminals.
  4. Hi. That's sort of correct but left is subjective. You must always look at the battery with the posts nearest to you to determine left and right. Often taking a photo is the best way to match the battery correctly. Do not be talked into making a battery fit. The main label will also be on this side. It seems redundant in a way as car manufacturers always have the terminals facing away from a point of contact in an attempt to minimise the chance of a battery induced fire. I have seen a hole burned right through the metal bonnet by someone who fitted the wrong battery with the posts nearest the front of the car... Expensive lesson...
  5. The branding on the battery in no way relates as to who actually made it. I can recommend (if you can find it) Supercharge from the Philippines. Outstanding batteries with a very low failure rate during the warranty period. We rebranded these as our own. The recovered warranty batteries we resold under another label mostly to car dealers wanting to offer a "new" battery with a 6 months warranty. The Atlas brand from the largest battery manufacturer in Korea also seemed a pretty good product as well but I still always buy Supercharge where I can.
  6. I agree with you about Chinese young people. Often students took every possible opportunity to have conversations with me. Of course it could have been my rockstar good looks??? It unfortunately doesn't happen often enough in Thailand.
  7. Lol. That's very good going. Me I don't have the same faith...
  8. Hi, I don't actually think that you are correct. There are ladyboys and transvestites but I don't think that they are the same. I have seen transvestites with a 5 oclock shadow in NZ but never on a ladyboy. Ladyboys pre-op look like women in their general characteristics. Post-op you would seldom know the difference to a natural woman.
  9. The average life of a battery is 2 to 3 years. That's why a lot of batteries have a 2 year warranty. The batteries that I installed had a 30 month warranty but we found that our failure rate under warranty was less than 1.5% so we raised the warranty to 3 years. Great batteries they are. I still buy them if I can. Batteries die faster in the heat. A cool battery has an extended life. So all the European cars with the battery in the boot also have good battery life as well. When I first saw it I thought what a dumb idea but experience changed my mind. Because modern cars demand so much from a battery they usually only give a single warning before failing to start the car. Often easily missed. I went to endless jobs where people were trapped at the shops by a failed battery. I plan to replace the battery in my only electric start motor scooter after 2 years. Failed or not.
  10. It's too bad that someone like me who wants to teach English is prevented from doing that in any capacity. There are (or were) a large number of retired folk aching to earn a few baht and help the country too by teaching English. Such a waste of an untapped resource.
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