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  1. OK, it sounded like you were quibbling the other point - re: the OP, to me. So you would concede that plenty of crashes happen in Thailand (especially re: buses/minivans) because the driver dozed off at the wheel?
  2. More working lights and fewer of these ridiculous U-turn fiascos. Flyovers work fine and of course good ol' roundabouts are a far better idea, but hey - if the yanks struggled with understanding how to use them correctly doesn't seem the Thais would fair much better?
  3. Please, open your eyes!! Don't bury your head in the sand. Same old boring story - one bit of criticism of a Thai person's aptitude and you dismiss it as even being possible! It is being offered as one of the possible reasons for the crash by the RTP no less, why do you think that is so? Because it is apparently relatively common here and across the region. Driver was doing a long haul trip and possibly had a turnaround within the same 24hr period (not uncommon), fella drifts off at the wheel for a few seconds and that is all it takes for disaster... I mean come on, of course these things happen. Wake up na krup.
  4. Typical really, the government hospitals smell extra profit and so decide to jump on the bandwagon of private healthcare providers. Discrimination at it's most obvious, not an unusual thing in this racist nation, however. Just another example of why profiteering and medicine go together like oil and water.
  5. Where would you posit the 'objective analysis and evaluation' of the topic in hand is in the following catch-all statement? 'Just about any critic of any education system needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.' That's your opinion, what c.t. is it based on? It's an opinion in the same way that your opinion of my assessment of universities becoming less effective in their ability to teach critical thinking is. I wouldn't classify it as critical thinking in any meaningful sense. Maybe take a closer look at the sentiments of your own statements before blithely dismissing those of others.
  6. A rather vague and generic comment to make, no? Seems to display a distinct lack of critical thinking.
  7. Not at all, makes me think perhaps your comprehension level is a bit suspect.
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