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  1. Bingo! It's nothing other than the fact that they can do whatever they want to on a whim. The IO could be getting hungry and at that moment decide he want to make trouble for you. That is the fact. I don't care what visa you get on someone will eventually cause you trouble for whatever reason. They don't want you here Mr. Bigheart Farang coming to spread your benevolence and save the poor Thai people with your education, talent, or money. They just assume take your money, kick you out and laugh about it over a Chang. Thailand is a dump, the people don't want you here. If you are wise you will already be preparing to get out while you still can.
  2. Good guys welcome. That is code for clueless Farangs with money who enjoy being taken advantage of at every turn and don't complain at all about it.
  3. That can't be! Don't burst my bubble! I heard it from good sources how cheap Thailand is compared to my home country! I it heard from a reliable Farang source here in Thailand, he eats 30/baht pad thai three times a day, sits in the AC in the mall when it's hot, rides a bike everywhere he needs to go to save on transportation and lives in a tent in the woods and bathes in the stream nearby. Living the dream!
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