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  1. This Anutin is one gangster with PM ocha. If they want to keep closing the border, they always find someone infected like miracle. They did it couple time already. There were some excuse before the case of french woman. If you follow the news continously, it's not really hard to read their intention.
  2. Oh come on... you still can be reconciled to someone who beat you rather than someone who beheaded another person. And i don't think that you are better human than that police who beat you ! Otherwise you wouldn't have been standing there and raise your voice for nothing !
  3. A warning will not help to decrease the amount of snake in the city.
  4. How do you know this agency ? Where is the office ? You were in their office before ?
  5. Oh yeah, "the country of smile" really friendly and really welcome. Thailand should get reward with this. They got covig19 reward from WHO and who will reward them for this ??? Maybe human right ? Or UN ??
  6. Last report was 50 % from the travellers was tested with positive. Great ! And they will <deleted> up your insurance with $100000 im the missarable hospital as you mentioned.
  7. This self made motorcycle is even prohibited and will get more and moreif the authority doesn't do something. This type of vehicle is not oficial allowed and not in driving license category.
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