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  1. On January 10, 2019 at 11:08 AM, neeray said:

    No doubt, very sad story. Your concern and compassion is appreciated.


    I too was of assistance to a selective few in need, usually mother with baby in arms. However, my Thai gf was very opposed to me assisting as she said they were all 'professional' beggars and scammers. This was in Chiang Mai at the night markets.


    It is a tuff call. Hope you follow through on this and enlighten others to your findings.

    You don't really know its a scam unless you follow them home.


    So what's more accurate, a rumor it's a scam, or the person in front of you who probably would not be there if they had enough?


    i just give and figure if it is a scam the beggar will be smart enough to keep a little even if they are shaked down later, better then nothing, right.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, jak2002003 said:

    Not our experience.  12 years here and still finding places we have never been.  We go out most weeks.  Always new places opening up, even outside the city.  The city is growing at a fast pace, and more and more shops, entertainment venues, restaurants and bars are opening each week.


    Perhaps you need to widen your friend circle, to include lots of Thais too.. as they seem to love going to new places for whatever is 'in' at the moment.  



    What do you do the rest of the week?

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  3. On January 8, 2019 at 7:28 PM, wgdanson said:

    Many pro soccer and rugby players look as if they should be down the Mosque after the match.

    I too dated many many girls over my years as a pro musician, and NONE of them had beards or liked facial hair.!!     lol 

    Hey man, Nothing beats a properly maintained goatee. The question is can you care for it, or do you let yourself go?


    do you work out, shave/trim your pubes and entire body bi-weekly, use good scents and body scrub daily?


    if not, facial hair won't work for you. Why? Because like the rest of your body it's going to look like crap, go figure.


    judging by the hairy legs and apes I see in pattaya these days I have to admit I'm glad facial hair is not that common here. Not many squeaky clean or we'll kept dudes around at all. Must be all the drinking or lack of discipline in general.

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  4. 57 minutes ago, ALONSOO said:


    I'm sorry to hear you went out this way, man. It may not matter to you if your identified unless you have family somewhere or significant others.


    if it was drowning you can take comfort in that it's a peaceful way to go without pain. At the end after the panic you just let go and acceptance it's just like passing out or falling asleep. There are worse ways to go.


    sorry if you felt it was not your time. RIP

  5. On February 21, 2018 at 4:32 AM, NancyL said:

    End-of-life care is available at McKean Rehabilitation Center in Chiang Mai.  They don't call what they do "hospice" since that has a specific meaning.  Instead, they work with the patient, the family and the attending physician of the patient to fulfill the patient's desires about end-of-life care.  This is why it's important to have an Advance Directive, i.e. Living Will that spells out what decisions you'd like to be made on your behalf about care and medical procedures if you can't make decisions yourself.  


    In general, Thai hospitals will do everything possible to keep a patient alive as long as possible (regardless of ability to pay).  This includes elderly people, stroke victims, people with dementia, etc.  They use CPR, ventilators, drugs to fight infection, drugs to raise falling blood pressure, feeding tubes, kidney dialysis, etc to keep someone alive even when it's evident they will never again enjoy life, or actually even have a clue they're alive.   Meanwhile, the person is in an ICU unit that's like being inside a pinball machine, surrounding by whirling, noisy, pinging machines in a well-lit room, with people talking and moving around.  


    At McKean, a dying person is in quiet private room, with minimal intrusion, no invasive medical treatment and kept comfortable with medications to control pain and anxiety.  Their mouth is kept moist with gentle swabs, but at end-of-life, it's not appropriate to use a feeding tube or IV with someone whose internal organs are shutting down.   The staff knows how to read the body language of someone to keep them in a comfortable position and certainly, they're kept clean and in a room that is cheery and at an appropriate temperature.   

    I don't want to die inside or with others around. Is it possible to state in the will to be at Mckean and in the final days be left in the forest at a specific spot selected beforehand?

  6. 21 hours ago, LongTimeLurker said:

    That's very cheap for Thailand, I have been quoted B8k to B12k around Pattaya.


    Am getting a new pair of lenses in HCMC next week so will post the price for comparison, I'm expecting it to be around B1,500 max.

    I was quoted B20k for no line bifocals with the thin lens type. That's just for the lenses. I had my own frame and prescription.


    (I got them made when I went back to the USA instead)

  7. 11 hours ago, melvinmelvin said:

    never mind cost and price,

    you are going about it in he wrong way if you  want good food and good wine in a good atmosphere


    call it whatever you like, its still a canteen in a shopping centre, although a pricey centre,

    still a shopping centre


    You hit the nail on the head there


    thailand just does not really fit into fine wine culture and lifestyle


    it can be done but your just buying an extremely expensive bubble


    my neighbor found that the hard way, eventually just moving to places like France and Portugal (I also saw him chocking a chicken on his patio  whilst I was going out for a beer on a warm fine evening)


    And it's not just about wine cost, it's a lifestyle and vibe choice which is reflected in fine wine needs.


    now I know When I hear people talk wine they really are  the odd man out, mitch

  8. 6 hours ago, MyTHaiMyKe said:

    Rising COSTS of living in Thailand to the influx of Chinese and Indian tourists changing the dynamics.

    Says it all!

    Patts was full of Indians when I was there. The Indian guys looked real scruffy and lenses a poor destitute vibe to many of the bars. They like to hang out in the street in front of the bar for some reason.

  9. On December 12, 2018 at 11:01 PM, MickeyR said:

    I went to the toilet in the Subway sandwich shop on the top floor when I opened the toilet door a Thai guy was having sex with a girl I apologized and walked away . The Thai followed me and set about assaulting me I wasn't stupid enough to fight him has I'm aware of the repercussions. sure enough 3 or 4 Thais surrounded me I walked away  guess what?  I never lost face!!  Still here to tell the tale


    Was it a rape?

  10. I see fake monks occassionally, one guy in cm in particular.


    i can tell he is fake because the robe is not the same, it's newer and the wood beads he has are larger. Looks like a kit one would buy from a haloween shop, or a Chinese monk.


    i also don't get a humble vibe from him like I do from real monks.


    he he also seems to "be around" a lot instead of in a temple and he solicits in main tourist areas rather then locally as real monks would.

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