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  1. On February 21, 2018 at 4:32 AM, NancyL said:

    End-of-life care is available at McKean Rehabilitation Center in Chiang Mai.  They don't call what they do "hospice" since that has a specific meaning.  Instead, they work with the patient, the family and the attending physician of the patient to fulfill the patient's desires about end-of-life care.  This is why it's important to have an Advance Directive, i.e. Living Will that spells out what decisions you'd like to be made on your behalf about care and medical procedures if you can't make decisions yourself.  


    In general, Thai hospitals will do everything possible to keep a patient alive as long as possible (regardless of ability to pay).  This includes elderly people, stroke victims, people with dementia, etc.  They use CPR, ventilators, drugs to fight infection, drugs to raise falling blood pressure, feeding tubes, kidney dialysis, etc to keep someone alive even when it's evident they will never again enjoy life, or actually even have a clue they're alive.   Meanwhile, the person is in an ICU unit that's like being inside a pinball machine, surrounding by whirling, noisy, pinging machines in a well-lit room, with people talking and moving around.  


    At McKean, a dying person is in quiet private room, with minimal intrusion, no invasive medical treatment and kept comfortable with medications to control pain and anxiety.  Their mouth is kept moist with gentle swabs, but at end-of-life, it's not appropriate to use a feeding tube or IV with someone whose internal organs are shutting down.   The staff knows how to read the body language of someone to keep them in a comfortable position and certainly, they're kept clean and in a room that is cheery and at an appropriate temperature.   

    I don't want to die inside or with others around. Is it possible to state in the will to be at Mckean and in the final days be left in the forest at a specific spot selected beforehand?

  2. On 12/2/2018 at 1:12 AM, cyberfarang said:

    I can never understand why elderly westerners would even consider retiring abroad without enough funds put by for a rainy day, living on a month to month basis and having no plan B for changing bank rates and changing immigration policies, then blame immigration and others for their predicaments.

    they probably wouldn't, the choice is either staying in asia and getting more for your money or staying in your home country and paying more for everything.

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  3. First of all if you don't have the beer yet your free to go without paying. Tourist police would be all over this place if you reported it.


    i can understand your trepidation if your in a remote location with nobody around, but right downtown? Should have just bailed when the bill came.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Ctkong said:

    I think TE is packaged for those high net worth individual who has not reached retirement age yet (50 yrs old) but intend to stay long term in Thailand and enjoy the life . No working allowed. 

    I can easily get as many metv 6 months as needed in USA and visiting my home country there once a year is doable.


    Therefore I'm paying elite so I don't have to fill out a visa application, lick a stamp or visit immigration once every 3 months when I've got loads of time anyhow. Or for side perks like the limo or golf cart ride?


    still does not make sense for me...

  5. 21 hours ago, galt67 said:

    Perhaps he wants a flat-rate, clear, no-hassle visa to live in Thailand for the next 20 years?



    If you have that kind of cash why would you not be travelling around anyhow to nearby countries and/or back to your place of origin once in awhile?


    if your not used to be bothered standing in a cue or licking a postage stamp why would you be in Thailand at all?


    the elite visa never made much sense to me, cash issues aside.

  6. On October 21, 2018 at 7:55 AM, JackThompson said:

    It is very unlikely to be asked for other visa-types.  If you have a Non-B + work-permit, that should satisfy them. 


    In reality, everyone - including the Imm guys - know that no one needs to carry around a wad of cash any more.  Some like to do it, which is fine - but it's not necessary.  This is simply just an old rule from a bygone age, that makes it easy to deny-entry to someone they want to deny in any case. 


    That said, I currently have a Non-O ME, and just in case, I haven't cashed in the travelers checks I bought to cover my backside, when entering on a TR-Visa.

    Travelers checks are a check, not cash.


    unless you get a sophisticated io, which the thread poster did not, your probably better off following the rules and carrying cash.


    anyone know if you can leave for cambo if refused, or do you have to return to point of origin?


    will start carrying the cash when I fly in from the states in the future, my flight is quite long and expensive. Never been asked to see money in over 7 years though.

  7. Go back to hanoi, pay the $140 for 15 days and return to thailand with the 20k baht in hand if the visa is unmarked?


    once the visa is given I don't believe immigration can refuse entry unless a regulation is broken at the border. Also, when asked for purpose if visit verbal response should be "holiday" and nothing more.


    pay at a little extra to fly into another Thai airport as the immigration lady is going to lose face if you reappear. She may take you into the back room and do you from the rear with a black wooden baton.

  8. I decided the metv hassle was not worth it for me



    1. don't want to transfer that amount of money into my account

    2. Don't want to book plane flights in and out now months beforehand


    i just do the standard visa 3 months with extension. Get another in cambo or Vietnam.


    dont want to stay in Thailand more then three months at a time anyhow. If that's a problem I just stay out of country. Problem solved and less hassle.


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  9. A man came into my bungalow on the thai side when I stayed over night on a visa run. It was in the day while I was in there. Tiny hut right facing the river


    i said can I help you? And he just stared at me. Then walked out. Just a story that I never forgot.


    lock your doors esp of sleeping or at night

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