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  1. 9 hours ago, Thaiwrath said:

    Typical insurance company, if they can avoid a payout, they will.

    The only happy people here are the shareholders, as their dividend will not be reduced by paying out on, what most people would see as, a genuine claim.

    Nothing short of scandalous.

    You never want to insure with a small place like http://www.insureandgo.com a big claim can put places like this out of business. Go with large reputable companies like Allstate.


    Many of them have fine print that excludes just about every common claim, maybe leaving open some valid but not too common claimable situations.


    for example, any alcohol (excluded), speeding (excluded), illness happened after accident (excluded) etc etc. even on covered situations the coverage is open to interpretation that can be skewed each way depending on how they want to go.

  2. On 12/2/2018 at 1:12 AM, cyberfarang said:

    I can never understand why elderly westerners would even consider retiring abroad without enough funds put by for a rainy day, living on a month to month basis and having no plan B for changing bank rates and changing immigration policies, then blame immigration and others for their predicaments.

    they probably wouldn't, the choice is either staying in asia and getting more for your money or staying in your home country and paying more for everything.

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  3. On November 16, 2018 at 7:26 PM, BurgerGung said:

    Can't say I like the place, Pattaya. OTOH, of all the places not to waste money on lady drinks, this one must be in the global top 10. 


    What's the purpose of buying someone such a drink? As ice-breaker? With what aim in mind? 

    Lady drinks show the bar that the lady is doing her job and successfully interacting with customers, rather then just sitting around ignoring people.


    each drink goes on record and the lady gets a coupon she cashes in at the end of the night. They are expected to sell drinks.


    i will buy one lady drink, after that I will just tip the lady in cash if I feel like it.

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  4. On August 11, 2018 at 3:14 AM, smotherb said:

    I have been both young and old in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. I have many women friends. I like women; not just for sex, but as people. Women seem to notice that and they talk to me.  I believe women seek compatibility, a soul mate, in a relationship. Part of that compatibility may be age, but it also extends to shared values, common interests, admirable traits and deeds; not to mention the more basic of attractions; such as looks, personality, humor, the ability to dance; yes, and even being good at sex. I have known many May-December relationships between Southeast Asian (Thai, Viet, Pina) ladies and Westerner men which have lasted and are not based on money.

    This sounds like one of those "how to be successful with women" instructional books I read as a teenager in the 80's. Love it.

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  5. On July 25, 2018 at 4:46 PM, colinneil said:

    Poor old Eugene must be pi++ed only another 8 months and he would have been eligible for a gold watch.?

    What was he doing in the islands of trang? Was he doing it?


    in addition he gets banned and deported to a more expensive country after 20 years with likely no where to stay or work.


    bad situation. Màn up, man.

  6. First of all if you don't have the beer yet your free to go without paying. Tourist police would be all over this place if you reported it.


    i can understand your trepidation if your in a remote location with nobody around, but right downtown? Should have just bailed when the bill came.

  7. Never tried it myself but 

    On November 2, 2018 at 11:39 AM, ozmeldo said:

    Very. Our apt is 5400. I think it's was only 4200 when we came in 8 years ago. Central BKK, 650m from MRT.


    Just get out and look. It's a big effort.


    You'll often get "full" as soon as you ask, they don't want to deal with falang. If you can speak enough Thai that lowers their apprension, it will help.


    No, I'm not going to give you the name of the building. Enough crazy farang pass thru as it is. Happilyy down markedly over past years.

    And cheap places like that are often thai named and down some soi nobody's heard of.


    op take mrt to 'on nut' area and walk around.

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  8. 12 minutes ago, Ctkong said:

    I think TE is packaged for those high net worth individual who has not reached retirement age yet (50 yrs old) but intend to stay long term in Thailand and enjoy the life . No working allowed. 

    I can easily get as many metv 6 months as needed in USA and visiting my home country there once a year is doable.


    Therefore I'm paying elite so I don't have to fill out a visa application, lick a stamp or visit immigration once every 3 months when I've got loads of time anyhow. Or for side perks like the limo or golf cart ride?


    still does not make sense for me...

  9. 21 hours ago, galt67 said:

    Perhaps he wants a flat-rate, clear, no-hassle visa to live in Thailand for the next 20 years?



    If you have that kind of cash why would you not be travelling around anyhow to nearby countries and/or back to your place of origin once in awhile?


    if your not used to be bothered standing in a cue or licking a postage stamp why would you be in Thailand at all?


    the elite visa never made much sense to me, cash issues aside.

  10. Mad dogs is bs when there are so many inexpensive healthy thai options around.


    try the rice soup place at the end of loh Kroh rd on moon mutant just the other side of the canal for 60 baht each morning with fresh juices and healthy chicken broth. Or try the chicken and noodles with peanut sauce, delicious.


    i can smell the desperation of these over priced farang outlets each time they start another thread.


    most of it is about hanging with other foreigners, and hey that's something, but don't pretend it's the food.

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  11. I never really liked mad dogs, it was too farang oriented for me.


    most farang in cm hang in a handful of farang catering venues and almost never goto a local bar or local market for groceries. I know, lived there 5 years. I can count on two hands the number of farang who walked into a local nearby market in that time. Even then they were not actively shopping.

  12. On October 21, 2018 at 7:55 AM, JackThompson said:

    It is very unlikely to be asked for other visa-types.  If you have a Non-B + work-permit, that should satisfy them. 


    In reality, everyone - including the Imm guys - know that no one needs to carry around a wad of cash any more.  Some like to do it, which is fine - but it's not necessary.  This is simply just an old rule from a bygone age, that makes it easy to deny-entry to someone they want to deny in any case. 


    That said, I currently have a Non-O ME, and just in case, I haven't cashed in the travelers checks I bought to cover my backside, when entering on a TR-Visa.

    Travelers checks are a check, not cash.


    unless you get a sophisticated io, which the thread poster did not, your probably better off following the rules and carrying cash.


    anyone know if you can leave for cambo if refused, or do you have to return to point of origin?


    will start carrying the cash when I fly in from the states in the future, my flight is quite long and expensive. Never been asked to see money in over 7 years though.

  13. Go back to hanoi, pay the $140 for 15 days and return to thailand with the 20k baht in hand if the visa is unmarked?


    once the visa is given I don't believe immigration can refuse entry unless a regulation is broken at the border. Also, when asked for purpose if visit verbal response should be "holiday" and nothing more.


    pay at a little extra to fly into another Thai airport as the immigration lady is going to lose face if you reappear. She may take you into the back room and do you from the rear with a black wooden baton.

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