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  1. Interesting, I had read that Jim was taking people to the embassy, but then when I called just this Thursday the guy answering said that they go and file the application on their own and don't need you to do anything, as well as obtain on their own, which is how I remember it back in 2017. Guess I'll find out how true that is this week. I agree that if they're just a glorified taxi service then I'd be better off calling Grab, but if they take care of the whole arrangement, then I still think they're worth it.
  2. Yes, I've only recently read that they do a sit down interview with everyone, and it's with a rather unpleasant lady just looking for people to reject, which is something I think I'm not really looking forward to doing... What's your take on DMK, Tim? I just came in on a TV in March through DMK, and while I must admit that I was a little scared, the IO didn't hardly skip a beat in stamping me through. I've seen stories of people being detained and deported here, but it seems they always seem to have a slight little asterisk somewhere mixed in, such as previous WP, or 5th consecutive TV, or passport holder from a slightly less prosperous country, etc. Is all the fear warranted?
  3. Thanks Tim... Any particular reason you don't recommend Padang Besar?
  4. Thanks for the info, I was not aware of the Hotel booking requirement... Can I ask, did you make a booking specifically for purposes of presenting to the IO? I imagine that after 14 months here in Thailand, you must surely be renting an apartment by now. If so, how long was your booking for?
  5. Going to Penang next week for a Tourist Visa, and while my current passport only has one TV in it, my previous passport had 4 in it spanning back to 2017. From basic searching and calling ahead to Jim's place, it seems as though I probably won't have a problem in obtaining a visa, but it's in re-entering where I have my concerns. I've read some reports of troubles at Don Mueang, but I've personally never experienced this (including on my most recent return from Vietnam in March where I was stamped through in a matter of seconds on a TV). Given the amount of TVs I have, and my duration of stay, would crossing at Padang Besar be a better option? Full disclosure: American, arrived in May '17, return to the states for 5 weeks each Nov/Dec plus a couple 2 week getaways around SEasia, so I've only been outside of Thailand for approximately 4 months total over a 27 month span, which I know is a potential red flag. Just need to do one last run to get me to November, after which I'm headed elsewhere. Any friendly tips/advice is greatly appreciated.
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