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  1. I'll be getting on board a flight back to the U.S at the end of the month, and need a negative covid test to do so. Which hospitals around Sri Racha, or Bangkok offer "cheap" covid tests? The reason I ask is because I read previously that hospitals like Bumrungrad are charging high fees for the test.
  2. I know the areas your talking about. I'll just have to get out on foot, and ask around. Any place, or names that spring to mind?
  3. I'm currently in Pattaya, and although it's lovely here, it's also pricier than other locations in Chonburi. I quite like Bang Darn, but would like to know about apartments; close to the beach that offer month to month payment, and in or around 5,000 baht a month. I know there's plenty of apartments for university students for cheap, but I don't like the crammed nature of those apartments. Any help would be welcome.
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