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  1. I've had throat infections for the last two years during the dry season living in Thailand. One of those years was in Bangkok. Since February of 2020, I've essentially had very sore tonsils, and possibly could be on the cusp of throat cancer according to an ENT doctor. I did used to smoke which has definitely contributed to this, but the air quality in Thailand has made the situation worse. If I decide to stay in Thailand I'll have to move to either Surat Thani or Songkla during the dry season. Its the only place I can live here now.
  2. That must have been incredible. I can't imagine what the countryside in Cambodia was like back in 03. Lots of trees missing now unfortunately.
  3. These people who are "protesting" if that's what you want to call it are very dangerous the ideals of any developed country, and they are making lots of noise. If they get their way stick a fork in the U.S, it's over.
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