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  1. Internet speed is sold around people not really understanding what they need or how it works. Eventually everyone will catch up and the 'super fast' sales pitches will be less effective. People should consider how much demand is placed on their home internet before paying for premium services. Internet speed testing should be added to the 'need for perfection' list in OCD documents.
  2. A common sight where skill hats are handed out in the morning and in this case someone got to be the plumber for a day.
  3. DEA Available in LOS https://www.deasystem.com/en/
  4. Interesting reading and videos on YouTube for these old cars. I know nothing about these 1100 cars but a custom Google search shows the MG version of the car to have 2 x carburetor, large inlet valve cylinder head, pressed steel exhaust manifold and higher profile cam. Bits from the engine were popular with tuners of early mini cars.
  5. Hydrochloric acid will attack cement and is good for a one time application to remove cement stains. Pressure washing is safer on cement pavers and chlorine to kill mould. Down on the farm, a leaking container of fuming hydrochloric acid punched a hole clean through a concrete slab.
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