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  1. D N A ....... And who in Hell is this Guy jesus jesus WHO ??????.....Da Da Da
  2. The foot might have barely touched the child or NOT, maybe The drunk just scared the child, brats cry,cry, cry......thats HOW they get what they WANT....HOT tempered THAI--Daddy,,,I bet the kid didn't even have a mark on IT... you don't touch a thai with your FOOT...that's why the other Thai had his head kick,kicked IN !!!!! Kill a man and chop off a mans ARM and go to jail for 5 months... Life is CHEAP in Thailand.....If it was a Farang, UUU get LIFE....Moving On after 16 years...
  3. THE Thai rich will control WEED farming, so don't get your hopes UP and go back to RICE ....
  4. I am MAD as hell right Now, I don't care if you smoke a pound of POT, pop a lot of pills, try Heron in your HOME !!! What YU going to do when your High,High, high and the User runs OUT.....The druggie has to jump into his CAR and go gets more !!! 1,000,000's of users,How many Kids, Mothers,and Fathers you going to KILL... The Kill rate will Rise. A eye for an EYE,,You Kill my SON and UUUU Die.....Peace
  5. Excellent !! Good cops in !!! BAD cops Out !!! needs repeating....
  6. The cop feared for his life. 50 to 1, ok to shoot.. cop goes home alive.. and I no friend of cops...
  7. theres 20,000,000--50m Arabs around Israel. One day IT well be Gone and the World well be better off for it....I hope I live to see it !!!
  8. The U S Emb paid airfare (800$) for 2 of my friends (15yrs) one 2016,one 2017. IDC 2 months one overstay...other heart and TGF kicked him out after 7 years...no passports till U S gets back $800. each... The U S Emb will tell UUUU Zero,nothing unless he has the brains or insight to put your name on a information LIST.....THERE SOMEWHERE in America ??????? lost forever.....
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