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  1. I am Dep Chair of the Board in my Condo and we all have a respectful relationship. I am able to influence things a bit but accept sometimes the decision is driven by the local authorities. Whilst they knew I was disappointed by the original closure I accepted that. When I saw the owners of a Condo opposite had allowed swimming to recommence I asked them to open our pool and they did. They had also kept the fire door open for me to spend time on the rooftop when claustrophobia crept in earlier in the lock-down. I think the secret here is to know the situation by getting the right news (even TV but also The Nation etc.) and by asking politely. They know I wont take any rubbish from them so we have this mutual respect that seems to bring the 2 cultures a little closer together in these matters. There shouldn't be any completely closed pools at this time (certainly in BKK).
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