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  1. Far from the truth. The BE twisted TI's words and used them to end the embassy letters for their own reasons. Rather than the BE being butt <deleted>, the BE butt <deleted> TI. And it's own citizens.
  2. Sorry but BE only accepted official documents. I sent my P60, recent pension payslip and 3 months bank statements. Your nonsensical method wouldn't have washed with the BE.
  3. Only disappointment is big mouth, little brain being back. I'm off.
  4. I know of 2 British people who have gained visa extensions since January 1st. Embassy letter, no supporting evidence, no problem. Jontien Immigration consistently give the message out that all embassy letters will be accepted for 6 months post the date of issue.
  5. No punishment involved. You give the Thai authorities too much credit. Rather than having a cunning plan to rid Thailand of foreigners, the have enacted an extremely badly thought out, badly conceived plan, which was intended to rid TI of corrupt practices and help those who were using the income method and got screwed over by their embassies. Double fail. Is anyone really surprised?
  6. Wolves are indeed the "best of the rest" this season. However, on last night's showing, we are well capable of keeping them out. No Young for the game but Dalot is a fitting replacement. Only other change from yesterday, Marchal for Lukaku.
  7. British expats didn't falsify income claims. They provided documentary evidence to the embassy regarding their income and no, it wasn't easy to forge those documents. The British Embassy letter clearly stated to TI what documents they had seen and based their income verification on. No lies, no deception involved. You have had this explained, in detail, to you before. Change the record.
  8. I have trawled the forum and haven't been able to find anything useful on this. My state pension is due to start in May. I've heard nothing from DWP. I have a UK address, and any correspondence is forwarded to me. Is it possible to make my pension claim, using my UK address, without leaving Thailand?
  9. The first time I ever went to the game at Old Trafford, we hadn't lost at home for 2 1/2 years. We lost to Chelsea 3-1. The first time I took my son to Old Trafford we lost 2-1 to Chelsea. Chelsea have long been my personal and United's bogey team. Ecstatic at the final whistle! I'm still prepared to give Sanchez a chance. Pogba sang his praised after the game. As for Lukaku, sell him and invest in a world class, true centre forward. Who knows? Ole may be able to tempt Ronaldo back. Solskjaer has way surpassed the starts by any other United manager. It took Sir Alex 3 years to convince me that he was the right man for the job. Has the potential to become the greatest manager ever for United. Bring on Liverpool, best side in the league, it's the big one.
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