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  1. It hasn't been born yet. Edit: It was born at the weekend.
  2. They would have the same reason, but probably more so. They're economic migrants.
  3. I watched an interview with her on the news. Not much contrition there. Seemed to have been happy with her life amongst the Jihadis. Apart from the death of her 2 other children due to starvation and even that was treated with a degree of "ho hum". Didn't criticise IS in any way.
  4. All staff involved in verifying incomes were Thai. Even the person signing my last letter was Thai. You have hit the nail on the head, the BE needed to downsize staff/accommodation in order to move to a new, much smaller, embassy.
  5. Same at Manchester Airport. Outside covered terrace that is accessed from a corridor leading from the food hall, in the departure lounge. Corridor is exclusively used by smokers. Couple of closed doors en route ensure that no inconvenience is caused to non smokers.
  6. Up to the horses, whether they have bolted or not. Nothing to stop them from re-starting the issuance of the letters.
  7. The best way to achieve this is to make an example of her and to consign her to a life in Bangladesh, rather than welcome her back to a country that gave her everything, only for her to turn her back on it. Maybe other Moslem girls will think twice about forsaking their country in order to have a life of being a comfort girl for a bunch of terrorists.
  8. All true, which is why BE and a number of other embassies, who haven't withdrawn their letters, verify incomes by perusing the documents sent to them. This has always been accepted and still is by the majority of embassies.
  9. Which confirms that the FO made the decision not the embassy. During an interview on Pattaya radio, a consular official stated that the decision was made as a result of a FO audit of the embassy. This is also a FACT. No other embassy, carrying out the same level of verification as the BE has withdrawn their letters. This is also a FACT.
  10. Well, she had 3 kids, so it's a fair bet that she spent a lot of her time with her legs in the air.
  11. Typical Kiwi, blame the Aussies. 555
  12. Name one airport, outside Thailand, that has closed it's smoking rooms in departure lounges.
  13. "What I wrote"? Where do you get your scripts from? Morecambe and Wise?
  14. As I pointed out, the majority of terrorists, in the UK, were born in the UK, second and sometimes third generation Brits. What do you advocate, deport all Moslems, British or not? Where would you deport them to? They're 100% British.
  15. Which was the whole point of smoking rooms at just about every airport I've been to. Closing them will send it underground, smokers having a crafty fag in toilets etc. More self defeating, ill conceived madness from the Thai authorities. Headless chickens.
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