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  1. If you calculate it yourself you will be not confused: Centrelink Age Pension Calculator 20.7 (yourpension.com.au)
  2. Assets test threshold for Age Pension and Disability Pension is $482,500(lower threshold) and $800,250(higher threshold). The pension is means tested by both assets and income and the one paying the least amount of pension is adopted. Income thresholds are different to assets thresholds and are calculated by deeming financial assets.
  3. Maybe forget some of the non-stupid answers too Obviously the poster has never lived in Phuket. Rainy season there usually begins around June. Phuket's Climate & Seasons - Phuket.Net
  4. Mixing bleach with vinegar can produce dangerous chlorine gas! Bleach and Vinegar: Effective Cleaning Tools That Turn Lethal Together (healthline.com)
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