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  1. Thank you for wasting your time ! anyway it’s no way for me now but an agent will do the job good luck to all applicants
  2. Thanks again for your kind advices. I will show below the last attempt, as you can see on the first screenshot everything is erased (or am I missing something ?) then, step 1, ok then still blocked on step 2, can’t go further !
  3. Thanks, I’ve Tried everything and I don’t want bothering anymore, the agent will do it better... I just hope they will improve their app...
  4. With all respect, may I suggest you to register on this bs website (first hassle), then you can simulate applying for a non O “marriage” visa, then you will see the only option is the one I showed “visiting or staying with applicant’s family residing in Thailand) it’s a drop down menu (I don’t know the right name in English) The two other options are 50+yo, and “Participant in a humanitarian mission / volunteering” …about dealing with agents, they say they can’t apply for “marriage visa” anymore, so I asked for 50+ yo
  5. Thanks but I’m applying in France ! I’m paying : visa fee : 70€ Agent : 59€ Sending pp+paperwork : 29€ Posting/return pp : 29€ Total : 187€ If I do everything by myself (admitting that I get there, and not counting the time spent) visa fee 70 €. two return to Paris: 100 €, I don’t lose that much ...
  6. What is humiliating is their website! I am not desperate to go back to Thailand. I have been going there for more than thirty years thanks to the visa exemption. it's just that I'm facing this visa application for the first time and that this site is not working as it should, that's all.
  7. Supposed to do so Yes ! but as I previously said, i’ll use an agent which will provide the whole thing, no other choice for me
  8. It’s all in English , even for the Chinese I guess, lol anyway, using CHROME, simultaneously translation is still available
  9. It’s all about using the app that sucks ! The agency I’ve already called told me they can process the whole thing, obviously it has a cost …
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