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  1. The comparison was because that's the only two examples of healthcare I'd known. At the time I didn't know that I could have used a government hospital.
  2. This Pandemic has led me to question whether moving to Thailand permanently is the right thing to do. The fact that vaccination of the general population hasn't even begun yet in any serious sense is bad enough but knowing I'm considered just one rung up the ladder from a tramp has shed a new light on the country for me. I've heard others talk about racism in Thailand but in all honesty, other than dual pricing, I've never experienced it - until 2020 that is.
  3. Well its a whole different discussion and not one to get into here but I don't really disagree, I just think people have a right to be safe. A prisoner cannot prevent themselves from infection - his jailers take on that responsibility. Whatever, their punishment is their time - not potential death.
  4. The punishment is the removal of their liberty - something that most of us hold dearly. The people you describe who seem to want to get back into prison are most likely 'institutionalised' - that's actually a sad situation that needs to be tackled.
  5. Agreed but its about time Thailand's prison system was reformed. People commit crimes and its right that they are punished for that crime. Its not right however that those people are put in danger by their incarceration. By default, if you take away someone's liberty, thereby removing their ability to protect themselves, you have a duty of care to provide a safe and secure environment - you take on the protective role. I've heard of 20 to 30 people packed into one room, that may be the extreme - no idea but multiple people in close proximity is never a good idea but in a Pandemic,
  6. Note, I said 'possibly', the relatively new focused prostate MRI scan will normally pick up any cancer - its purpose is to avoid the need for blopsies which due to their nature, carry a significant risk of serious infection. A small number of scans fail to produce conclusive results in which case a biopsy is needed. In the case described, no cancer was found following the biopsy that followed - the MRI may have been inconclusive or the recommendation for a biopsy could have been the doctor selling his hospital's (and his own) services. As I said, I've experienced it. Just one exam
  7. Not making light of the situation but that is possibly one of the problems that can occur with private hospitals. I've only ever been to a private hospital twice and on both occasions I wasn't sure if I'd seen a doctor or a salesman.
  8. Not necessarily so. As you should know, core biopsies are taken - usually 10 or 12 samples in all. A guy I was in hospital with had negative biopsies 5 years prior to having his recent positive ones. Its rare but possible for cores to miss the cancer - if cancer isn't present in the samples taken, its unlikely to be diagnosed but it can be there. The fact you have blood in your urine would worry me, I also had that - not visible but it showed up when tested.
  9. That's because many people have very low grade prostate cancer which is quite often just monitored and not treated. The majority you talk about still have to have it diagnosed to find out which type it is and whether or not the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. To arrive at that diagnosis, the usual investigations have to take place - starting with PSA levels being checked. Every man over 50 should have his PSA level checked at least once per year - prostate cancer doesn't only affect 'old men' as some think. Its just a simple a blood test. Let me put it in
  10. TAT may well be proceeding with their plans but to the best of my knowledge, they are not in charge of what is actually allowed. Note, plans - they can plan all they want, how many of their other 'plans' have actually come to fruition recently? One maybe? And that lasted how long? A month? TAT - Talok (joke) Authority of Thailand.
  11. Check the valve and its connection to the pipe again before removing any tiles. If you dry it off you should be able to see or feel it get wet again - if that's the problem and it is the most likley culprit. If the problem is deeper in the wall you could be lucky and only have to remove one tile, if the job was done properly in the first place. When locating pipes behind tiles, there should not be any pipe joints or junctions behind them - other than the final connection to the shower/sink/tap etc. Any joint can leak at any point in the future - hence the requirement for no join
  12. That's probably the most ridiculous post I've ever seen on Thaivisa. If I'd 'ignored' my prostate problems I'd be on the wrong side of the soil by now. All prostate related symptoms be checked out by a specialist. Although significant numbers of the medical profession are against regular screening, I would recommend every man over 50 has their PSA checked at least once per year. Insist on it if you are fobbed off. I don't give a damn about the false positives - i'f I'd known a couple of years earlier I'd be in a much better position that what I'm facing now. In any ca
  13. I take it biopsies have been done? Has your PSA level been checked?
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