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  1. Probably no warning given before he was slugged to the ground - the act of surprise. He was then kept on the ground by repeated kicks in the face. You'd have got up and given the taxi rider a proper kicking no doubt?
  2. I believe the laser is a petrol engine but don't place too much reliance on 'black' oil on a diesel. Unless flushing oil is used during the oil change process (rare these days), new oil in diesel engines will turn black again almost immediately - especially in older diesels. Its also not unusual for an older engine to use a little oil - bear in mind its a 50K car! As others have said, you can't expect a lot for that price but neither do you want to pay 50K for a pile of scrap. A 19 year old car will no doubt have had accident repairs done in the past and may have minor faults etc
  3. They did but last week it was just another one of those TAT announcements that either Anutin or Chan-o-Cha shoots down in flames the next day. The fact that its Chan-o-Cha that's doing the 'mulling' this time is positive and may give some (me) cause for a little cautious optimism.
  4. The quarantine does not have to be in a hotel. There is no reference to hotels in the link you provided and indeed in the link it says: 'You will have to pay the private test provider for your test. You will need to book an individual test for each person opting into Test to Release, including children. The test provider will either send a test to your address or you can attend a testing site. You may leave your house to post your test or to travel directly to and from the testing site. You should follow safer travel guidance and avoid public transport if possible.'
  5. Are you sure about that? It seems a bit strange because there is no requirement to stay at a hotel if you are self isolating providing you have either travelled directly from Thailand and not either visited or transited through a red zone country during the 10 days before you fly. Just a reminder as many of us use Emirates and Etihad - they fly through their hubs in the UAE. The UAE is currently in the red zone so if you fly with them you will have to quarantine at a hotel.
  6. You will have to have one test before you fly and pre book 2 tests that will be done whilst you are in self isolation. The 2 tests can be booked here: https://quarantinehotelbookings.ctmportal.co.uk/ My understanding is that the 2 pre-booked tests are posted to you and are self administered. To end self isolation early you would need an additional private PCR test as per the instructions here: https://www.gov.uk/uk-border-control/ending-self-isolation-early-through-test-to-release
  7. Fair enough, I accept I misread your post. However, I do know a little about UK divorces (I've had 2) and it can be very simple if you both agree on a financial settlement - it was made easier in the last few years. You are correct that the financial settlement is separate from the divorce but there is no guaranteed peace without it. The only way to end matters completely and prevent future claims is to have one. So in reality, its not separate is it? The financial settlement, if disputed is extremely complicated in the UK - the rules regarding that have also changed i
  8. Its not the same process at all, nothing like it. Firstly there is no Decree Nisi in Thailand and secondly there is no waiting period before being able to get a divorce - provided it can be done at an Amphur. The couple simply turn up at the Amphur and submit their application. Provided there is no queue, 20 minutes later they leave - divorced. The one page of A4 that you suggest is incorrect, what follows is the request for financial details and of any proposed settlement. If there are kids involved it can get very complicated as the family court may themselves may raise objecti
  9. Its far from the same process, its completely different. Provided both parties are in agreement, a divorce at an Amphur in Thailand takes about 20 minutes, one visit - done! The UK process involves quite a lot of paperwork, and has 2 stages - Decree Nisi and Decree absolute. In most cases reasons for the divorce needs to be stated and there are minimum separation periods. Yes you can do a UK divorce yourself but most choose not to because it appears complicated. At that stage they see a lawyer and that's when the problems start.
  10. Does anyone have an further details about this story? (The links provided by Burma Bill don't work). If I'm understanding this correctly, these were people already living in Cambodia and were tested as part of the requirements to travel out of the country. If that's the case, then they've been in Cambodia spreading the virus for XX months and no doubt it will have spread widely across the population. Also, if the outbreak was amongst Chinese expats living in Cambodia, what's to say the didn't pick the virus up from a Cambodian national or anyone else for than matter?
  11. The difference is that if you are both in agreement and have sorted finances and child access, you don't need a lawyer in Thailand. There is also no overall expectation that as some women think, they are entitled to 50% of their husband's wealth. Not that that's actually the case in the UK but I'd wager that a guy getting a divorce in the UK will come out of it a whole lot poorer than they would if they divorced in Thailand.
  12. If you find one that refuses, see a lawyer. There is no law preventing a Usufruct Agreement being registered to a foreigner.
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