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  1. It certainly is - and its something I've seen dozens of times. That may work 'Thai Stylie' - without going into too much detail, they don't use paper . Paper will snag on that or maybe even a large 'jobby'. As I said in an earlier post - do it right, you'll only do it once that way. The outlet pipe should align with the pan exactly. The rubber seal slides into the outlet pipe and the pan sits into the rubber seal - job done, no leaks. Of course it will take longer as you have to get the outlet pipe to move in order to align it but bodging it will almost certainly need attention again at some point - if it works at all. If you have any concerns about damaging tiles that may then be visible with no matching tiles available - don't panic. Use replacement tiles the are a complete contrast - it will look like it was meant to be that way.
  2. What is required is a camera activated RPG - that'd stop 'em.
  3. What kind of people? I've had a bike since I was 11, have a ZX9 in the UK and an ER6 in Thailand. I raced bikes when I was younger and generally have been around bikes all my life. I still ride to the limit but do so safely. Without appearing arrogant, I am almost certainly a better rider than most others half my age. I've a way to go until I'm 70 but I will stop riding when I can no longer get my leg over the saddle - not when some brain-dead ageist thinks I should. As for the other guy who commented on older guys wearing denim - I've worn jeans all my life, should I now go out and buy some 'slacks' because you think I shouldn't be wearing denim? Sorry for not fitting your pathetic stereotype.
  4. Nothing new about this word. In the UK, where we drive on the same side of the road as Thailand its a commonly used word. Passing on the right = overtaking. Normally perfectly legal (in the UK) Passing on the left = undertaking. Illegal in most circumstances (in the UK) but permitted when traffic in the right lane is turning right, in queues where all lanes are slow moving and certain other but very limited circumstances. As far as I know, in general, undertaking is not allowed in most countries that drive on the left (and vice versa for those that drive on the right). Its a ridiculous and dangerous practice. I had often wondered if its legal in Thailand and from what you post - it seems it is (where there are 2+ lanes) - crazy! On a UK motorway for example, you can overtake and pull back in, safe in the knowledge that nobody is going to be 'undertaking' at the same time - resulting in you both pulling into the same lane at the same time.
  5. 'It can't be fixed' - I don't agree with you on that, it certainly CAN be fixed. 'It won't change' - there I completely agree with you.
  6. In what way? Do you think there's a problem with that?
  7. My thoughts exactly. On Thai driving in general. Nothing will change until they stop talking and start doing. Banning Vans? People riding in the back of pick ups? All seems to have gone quiet now. Anyone familiar with the pedestrian crossing/lights at the junction of Soi's 3 & 4 on Sukhumvit, Bangkok? Seen the taxis running the lights at that crossing when there are people on it - right in front of a police box. Nothing will change.
  8. Benjamin, I can't answer your question but as you'll already have learned, asking a straight question on this forum can draw lots of negative, sarcastic and sometimes downright nasty answers rather than simply answering what you've asked. As someone else has already suggested, in case you missed it - the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) is probably your best source of information. They have offices in most major towns and cities but take a Thai speaker with you.
  9. There should have been a seal kit with the toilet when it was new - similar to the one in the photo supplied by Wayned on P1. They slip into the top of the outlet pipe and go between the toilet and the floor. They are also available separately. I found mine in the bin and gave the contractor a bollocking for not using them - he used silicone. They were used on the refit! You have to remember that, with whatever type of repair you choose to employ, there's a hell of a lot of water going down there for a few seconds at quite a speed. Poor seals = leaks. Silicone instead of rubber seals also = leaks eventually. Update: I've just looked at your latest photos and seen the 'slotting' I refer to in my previous post - why they can't get the toilet in the right place first time is beyond me. Remember, westerners use paper and paper snags leading to blockages - everything needs to be smooth and in line. Mine were like that and I made them cut new holes in the floor and move the pipe so that it aligned with the toilet correctly. You cannot use the seals I refer to above whilst your aperture is like that.
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