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  1. That's up to the indivual - fortunately we don't run a compulsory euthanasia programme yet. Herr BritManToo. I also had covid - almost certainly contracted in Thailand and also very mild symptoms but now having problems with severe fatigue. Many others get far worse symptoms.
  2. Have you conducted a survey on that? 'Most Brits'? What gives you the right to make such a claim? Certainly not 'Most Brits' where I come from.
  3. No its not the 'British way' - its your way. What a sick way of thinking - fine, if you want to 'accept death when it comes' - you're welcome but you have no right to cause the deaths of others. So, if you 'accept death when it comes' - let's say you have a heart attack but there's a good chance that a defibrillator will re-start your heart, you'd refuse it would you? Somehow I doubt it. The 'British Way' is actually to show far more benevolence for our fellow men than you are suggesting - hence we stepped in and fulfilled our promise to Poland in 1939. There's 67 mil
  4. Yes, way cheaper. I found this during a forum search: https://covid19.tgia.org/ I'm not sure how long I'll be staying but I've heard of people having problems if their insurance doesn't cover the whole period that they are stamped in for. So, as I'll be stamped in for 90 days, I'll purchase cover for 90 days, regardless of the fact that I won't be staying that long. The above company has several time periods.
  5. I'm in the same position but my Visa expires in March. By all means take note of any replies to your post but please check the RTE London's advice at the time you apply. It changes from month to month. I believe that an application from someone already holding a Non O (marriage) can be made entirely by post/e-mail. It is my understanding though, that if you need a new Non O, you have to visit the RTE for that.
  6. I note that the article refers to inpatient and outpatient insurance plus the $100,000 cover for Covid 19 as being requirements for the new STV. Are those that come on a Non O (marriage) only required to have the $100,000 Covid cover?
  7. And you know that those 361 people would have died anyway do you Doctor? Are we now saying that its OK for people with 'underlying conditions' to die? Their health matters less? We should not put restrictions in place because their health doesn't matter? There's some history in that type of thinking - a certain German 'gentleman' called Adolf had a similar mindset. Quite frankly, I'm disgusted by your point of view. I would also advise you, not that I have any sympathy at all for that type of thinking, that you cannot rely on the term 'underlying conditions' in the wa
  8. Ermmm, I think the OP was refering to exchanging in Thailand. There's a clue in his post. 'Does anyone know if the Thai banks or exchanges are still accepting the UK 20 Pound papernotes?'
  9. My wife having just returned to Thailand, its time to start thinking about how/when we will next see each other. So far I've been put off by the cost and the quarantine time - the latter is very difficult for me as I would normally only stay 2 weeks but to do that would mean taking 1 month off in the current conditions. Anyway, as my Mrs endured 2 weeks home quarantine in the UK and is currently half way through her 2 weeks in Thailand - with no sign of anything changing, I'm probably going to have to visit her next time. I would also like to check out my house - a couple of weeks
  10. Is your partner with you at the moment? If not, how are you going to get to Thailand to marry her? As a single person, you cannot obtain a Non O based on marriage.
  11. I haven't seen anything that says those simply renewing a licence will have to take part in any 'special training'. I would expect these changes to be applied for new applicants but if they are applied universally, personally, if I had to have any additional training, I would consider it a nuisance but its not really a big problem. What would make sense, now that they've realised that a Scoopy and an R1 are a little different to each other - is big bikes being allowed on tollways and motorways.
  12. That must be a requirement of the Australian government. I was shocked when I arrived at Heathrow with my wife - the check-in queue was huge, the flight to Bangkok was clearly full. One passenger on her flight has since tested positive so those seated close are being watched + all those on the flight are called daily to ask about their health. My Mrs was stunned that the flight was full - she travelled to the UK on a Finnair flight that was properly socially distanced.
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