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  1. That is almost certainly just 'diesel knock' and its attributed to the design of the combustion chamber and the timing mode employed - some of the older diesels knocked like hell. Don't know about Mitsu's but the older Isuzu's did. If I was buying an older model Isuzu 2.5 and it didn't knock, I'd be worried. Its 'Songthaew' by the way - 2 rows of seats.
  2. In a real (civilised) court, its not up to the court at all. A court can't prosecute someone who has not commited an offence unless there is evidence that suggests they have. Under the wording of the laws supplied by the police - he shouldn't have even been charged. He has not done anything that breaks those laws. Courts decide on whether someone is guilty - they don't (shouldn't) adjust the law to fit the crime. I can't be prosecuted for doing 25mph in a 30mph limit just because a policeman thinks I'm going too fast. I have no idea who decides whether or not to prosec
  3. Long shot but I need to find an electrician in the Pak Chong/Khao Yai area, Nakhon Ratchasima. I'm stuck in the UK at the moment and won't be back under the current restrictions for quite some time. My wife doesn't live at my house as her business is in the Korat city but she went to my house yesterday and found there was no power on the ground floor. The main living accommodation is on the first floor but there's a workshop and a utility room downstairs. The water pump is powered from a socket down there so there's no water. As far as I know the house didn't flood re
  4. Or, if you're married to a Thai citizen you can simply invest whatever is necessary to start a business through a Thai Ltd company, not spend millions on an Elite card and not invest $1 million for 5 years. Do they think the unmarried are so desperate to live in Thailand that they will commit what at the moment is over 30 million baht? More from the Ministry of Crazy Ideas.
  5. From the article: Lt Col Kaken confirmed that Mr Wilms has been changed under Section 22 of the Act on Certain Offences Against Air Navigation, which stipulates: “Any person notifying messages or sending information known to be false, and such act causes or is likely to cause persons in the airport or persons on board an aircraft in flight to be in panic, shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding five years or a fine not exceeding B200,000, or both.” “If such an act endangers the safety of an aircraft in flight, such person shall be liable to imprisonment of five to 15 yea
  6. I am not saying the behaviour was acceptable - however, people get angry in airports quite often. If I was an airline I would not put timid staff in a customer facing position.
  7. I think he means an Entry stamp. She has never left Thailand and therefore has no entry stamp in her US passport. If that is the case and the passport was issued by the US Embassy in Bangkok, then surely there shouldn't be a problem?
  8. You would feel intimidated by an angry passenger saying "your company should be bombed"? Oh well, I guess we are all different. I would have thought that airline staff are quite used to angry passengers.
  9. Doubt much will come of this 'Guillotine Project', there are very good reasons for red tape and long winded processes - kerrching!!! everything OK now sir. There will be a lot of resistance from 'interested' parties.
  10. Charged with what? In legal terms there is a significant difference between saying "I'm going to bomb your company" or "I will bomb your company" and saying "your company should be bombed". The first 2 contain a threat the last one is purely saying what a person thinks should happen. I may think the Prime Minister of a certain country should be placed before a firing squad for his actions - if I say so am I suggesting it will happen? There are of course, some countries that seem to be able to 'adjust' the interpretation of their laws in order to fit the crim
  11. Yes, there are laws about talk of bombs and other threats in many countries at airports and other travel facilities. However, I doubt that in many countries, certainly not in the UK, once the facts of the case were known, that the case would go further. He made no threat that I can see, nor did he claim that he had placed a device anywhere - it is such matters that the laws are designed to address. How does an angry passenger, in a terminal, saying an airline should be bombed, constitute a threat? He is guilty of making a stupid remark, one which could have simply been
  12. Crazy idea. By all means give them an increase in fare rates - they haven't had one for years (AFAIK) - its hardly surprising that some drivers try to rip passengers off. Surely the first step in creating a better taxi service in Thailand is to get rid of the cartels that own the licences. As I understand it, its virtually impossible for an individual to get a taxi plate. They are sold en-block to the taxi mafia who then 'rent' taxis or plates out to the drivers - of course taking a nice wedge for themselves for doing zero. Many times I've had a conversation with taxi
  13. He wasn't on an airplane - he was talking to ground staff and he didn't say any plane should be bombed, he said the airline should be bombed. No threat there as far as I can see - load of fuss about nothing. My dad used to say I needed a rocket up my a&*e when I was a lazy teenager - I don't think he actually had any intention of putting one there .
  14. I thinks its going to be quite some time before any of the entry restrictions will be relaxed - especially quarantine. As you will no doubt have seen, there are at least 2 vaccines that have presented very encouraging initial results. What is not known yet is whether or not those vaccines prevent a person from becoming infectious. If they do, it is possible that some countries will relax restrictions for vaccinated travellers. Maybe better to wait for the final results on the vaccines and if they do prevent infection, see what Thailand's reaction is.
  15. Yes, as usual. Many of us have been frustrated by airline delays - tempers can fray but I very much doubt this guy had any intention of bombing the airline. As much as it was a stupid comment, Thailand needs to lighten up with its reactions to such things. Taken from the point of view of tourism, it could be said that the Thai authorities were equally as stupid for arresting someone for a comment that was clearly not serious. This and the case of the guy who posted a critical review of a resort in Koh Chang and was arrested for defamation will do nothing to help Thai t
  16. Sometime ago I read, I think on Thai Visa, that the list of Prohibited Occupations for foreigners in Thailand was being updated and certain jobs, previously prohibited were now open to foreigners. I did a google search to try and find information on this and this was probably the clearest relevant article I could find: https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1473461/migrant-workers-allowed-to-work-in-12-new-sectors A quote from the article states: 'The 12 occupations which will be delisted from the ban include labour work, bricklaying, carpentry and oth
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