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  1. When I moved to Thailand I assumed that either I paid cash for treatment, or I returned to Australia where it is free. There is a problem with this logic, so I found out. A couple of years ago I donated a kidney and now need 6-monthly check-ups at a hospital in Melbourne. Travel restrictions with COVID put paid to that plan. Also, while in Melbourne mid last year, I discussed having minor surgery, but first needed a scan. Several months later the hospital wrote with an appointment a couple weeks later. It would have cost me an arm and a leg to return to Melbourne for a 15-minute scan. Returni
  2. Still does not answer my question. The broker said she could not get me health insurance over age 75. Even an existing plan could not be renewed when I turn 76. What do other members do who are over 75?
  3. I asked a broker to give me a quote for health insurance. At age 71 (today) it was 34,000 baht, although the policy contained items I have no interest in, such as repatriating my body, loss of travel documents, public liability,... When I asked how much for an 80yo the agent said coverage only possible up to age 75. What do other members plan to do about insurance, if it becomes compulsory, when they are over 75?
  4. It was inexpensive, about 1200 baht.
  5. I do not need drone insurance any longer. Flew the drone from the roof of my condo, it disappeared over the edge of the building never to be seen again.
  6. i just bought an inexpensive drone online. since I need insurance, any idea the price range for the cheapest insurance.
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