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  1. I would not be too sure about that... https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/04/business/pfizer-covid-vaccine-profits.html
  2. I thought of way round this, although I am not sure it will work. When I return from Europe have a refundable plane ticket to go back to Europe in, say, three weeks. Then, I only need buy COVID insurance for a month (minimum cover). When back in Thailand, cancel the full-fare flight back to Europe.
  3. "must be for the period of your stay". I am on an O visa with 11 months left, if I buy junk insurance to satisfy immigration that means I have to buy insurance for 11 months. Not cheap.
  4. I tried getting government approved travel insurance to re-enter Thailand, but they did not sell it people 70 or older.
  5. I would like to leave Thailand to return to Europe for a month, but the cost of health insurance on my return is putting me off. For a 72yo, health insurance is expensive. Has any older expats found an inexpensive insurance policy allowing them back into the country? The insurance policies I have seen offer treatment at hospitals like Bumrungrad, which I do not want. What do Thais buy and is it available to expats? Thanks in advance.
  6. Has anybody looked into getting a COVID vaccination in Europe if they are not resident there? I have a British passport and plan to travel to Europe, not UK, later this year. The information at present implies this is not possible, except perhaps in Serbia.
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