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  1. I obtained the retirement visa in Australia before moving to Thailand.
  2. Two weeks ago I entered Thailand for the first time on my O visa bringing with me, in my backpack, $30k in cash. I have no proof that I brought in the money but can easily transfer a further $40k. The problem is that if I change $40k cash at SuperRich I am $1,200 (approx. 27k baht) better off than if I change my money at Siam Commercial Bank. If my Australian bank transfers to SCB $40k is there a way to get the much better SuperRich exchange rate if I use bank transfers?
  3. OzMan

    Private Thai lessons from Thai Style

    Thanks for the advice everyone.
  4. Has anyone taken private lessons with Thai Style in bkk? www.learnthaistyle.com. I am taking lessons with UTL at Asoke but the fixed hours for the lessons, every morning ot every afternoon, is too restrictive. Private lessons give me more flexibility. I am looking at hiring a private tutor for two hours a day, 5 days a week, for several months.
  5. Walked into Siam Commercial Bank in Terminal 21. Showed my passport, filled in a form. They sent my form to head office overnight for permission to open a savings account with an O visa. Received an SMS next day saying head office had approved my account. They asked for the name and address of a Thai national, I gave a girl I knew, who they did not contact. Looked at my Condo contract as I was still living in a hotel. Deposited 15,000 baht and walked out a happy man.