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  1. Thanks everyone. The reentry stamp says that I am admitted until 18 Oct 2020. I assumed that I would have needed to apply to immigration when the initial O-A expired on 22nd November.
  2. My first O-A issued expires on 22nd November 2019. I am leaving for 2 weeks overseas on 15th November so will be away when the visa expires. Also, yesterday I returned from two weeks in Bangladesh. I am confused about whether my visa is automatically extended since I have been away or if I need to complete a w-9 (?) form to get an extension. I have 800k baht in a bank here.
  3. Is there a shop in Bangkok where I can buy creamed honey? I have not seen it in BigC or Gourmet Market.
  4. I assumed that Hanoi and HCM would be something like BKK as far as rip offs, boy was I mistaken. Both Hanoi and HCM taxi drivers are con artists in the extreme. Even in high class shops in malls it is one big, blatant rip off to sell clothing that does not fit just to get a sale.
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