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  1. Yeah did the Death Railway from Sai Yok - but up north and with a guide. It's a strange kivd of low growing forest, with many structures by the Japanese that can still be seen, albeit forgotten and hidden. Richard is a good source, although don't need all the news alerts on top, so trying to find alternative sources. Just coming back from Rot Fai Park, is in splendid shape and hardly any people, especially in the southeastern annexed part. Well worth a visit for nature geeks.
  2. Great input, thanks! Returned to good old Koh Kred, actually it's a nice walkway around the island and pretty lonely - urban jungle at its finest, except for the food stall part, but that's worthwhile as well.
  3. Can anyone suggest a hike near Bangkok, preferably not in a National Park? Or a trully worthwhile hike in a National Park that is within reach of Bangkok, such as Erawan? Been many times to Khao Yai, so looking for new ventures. Maybe something in Kanchanaburi? So much nature, I have troubles believing that the only hikes are in National Parks? Or maybe a river walk or something off the beaten track? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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