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  1. Most helpful, thanks Colin! Sent from my BLL-L22 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Have mobility issues so this year my Thai Mrs offered to obtain my extension herself. Appointment made, no queuing, no TM7 required. However, had to nip in afterwards for desk-cam photo. Again no queuing and probably as good as it gets. Anyone managed to totally avoid going?
  3. 'Self-insurance' doesn't guarantee that the patient will pay for their treatment. Even in a Government hospital, complicated surgery and/or long term treatment will eventually use up savings. We need to be allowed to join Government hospital scheme at realistic rates. Actual cost, not subsidised 30 baht scheme of course. Thai hospitals know how much each age group costs their Government. Our rates should be based upon that.
  4. Having lived elsewhere (besides my home Country) I now realise what is important to me. Affordability and infrastructure. Never needing heating or hot water is very pleasant and certainly reduces cost of living. Continuous water supply at constant pressure, electricity excellent too. Prompt call out and fix of any problems. Unlimited fibre internet at great prices. Even into the rice paddies roads are tarmac/concrete. Don't get marooned when it rains. Smooth roads make suspension and tyres longer lasting. Motos don't get shaken to pieces. Good long distance coach services at economical prices. We have a railway network which is being upgraded. Cheap internal/SE Asia air fares.
  5. Interesting. I was admitted to A/E at a Government hospital. As soon as I was conscious they asked for my passport. They didn't ask for cash 'up front' simply giving me a bill upon discharge. I am assuming you were conscious and not an 'emergency'. Good for you though, you knew the rough cost in advance and they sounded very honest.
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