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  1. I have visited Cartagena, Medellin, Manizales, Cali and Popayan. Would certainly entertain living in Colombia. Very friendly and a surprising number of people speak English. Sent from my BLL-L22 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. No advice specific to Hua Hin I'm afraid. However, people have success opening accounts with Bangkok Bank. It always helps if you can take someone with you who is an account holder. Even better if that person is a Government employee of some sort. Banks like to sell insurance products so you could ask them about their accident insurance policies at the same time (might cost you 3,000 baht). You could tell the bank that you have sold your house at home and need a Thai bank account into which to deposit the proceeds. If all else fails, visa agents offer bank account opening amongst their range of services.
  3. That was how things used to be everywhere if you remember Colin? Doctors were in charge, you must do as you are told and only speak when you are spoken to. Nowadays it is accepted that decisions on your health care should be joint and you are permitted, or even actually encouraged to ask questions.
  4. Accents/dialects can be a massive problem. A lady was asked to help translate because she had qualified in American English. She tried listening to what I was explaining but said she couldn't understand my Northern English accent at all.
  5. Not only Thai's. I have a relative in UK who has a lifelong hobby of going to his GP and A/E Departments. Total waster of NHS time and services. Unfortunately, there are many such resource wasters when everything is free. Most of us would agree that in a civilised society health care should be provided according to need, not ability to pay. However, where it is proven time after time over a lifetime that someone is abusing the NHS, they should be made to pay the cost of their GP's time, A/E admissions and associated examinations and investigations.
  6. Very comprehensive advice Sheryl! Thank you so much.
  7. What I found was that IO was willing to settle for less than what a visa agent charges. Next time you visit you could quitely ask (better to have a Thai with you naturally). My Thai wife asked for the IO's mobile number. We always give tips because she says it is 'the Thai way with officials'. You then have help and advice available if needed.
  8. We could try the direct approach? During 90 day reporting, IO asked "how much you pay agent? If do it with us is much cheaper". Of course it is, 1,900. However, if I didn't meet requirements, how much do they expect? Retirement extension via agent is around 15,000 inclusive. Is 7,000 reasonable inclusive of 1,900?
  9. Good thinking. I've told my Thai wife. It sounds as though nothing could be done and the guy was maintained until he died of natural causes. Same would apparently apply in both Government and private hospitals. A/E will save your life and stabilise you, placing you on a life support machine if necessary, initially free of charge. Know of a guy who came off his moto, no crash helmet, no insurance, hospital plan or savings. Government hospital put him on life support. To go forward he needed brain surgery, cost about 1.5 million baht. Instead, he was moved onto a non air-conditioned ward with 40 other dying patients and maintained until he expired.
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this Sheryl! Your in-depth knowledge is most helpful.
  11. Agree. Never been an in-patient but went with my Thai Mother-in-Law up to the ward as she was checked into Khon Kaen Provincial Hospital. Seen (and smelled) worse in geriatric wards in NHS UK hospitals but there were extra beds along both sides of the corridors. Zero privacy and people were falling over each other due to the number of relatives lying everywhere. Having said that my wife became one of them as she stayed overnight on the ward to provide food, drink and personal care for her Mum.
  12. First class A/E treatment at Khon Kaen Provincial Hospital following a collapse due to low blood glucose. Drip, X-ray, monitoring and seen by 4 Doctors. Offered to admit me to conduct investigations, however I declined. Bill 800 baht.
  13. Thank you very much for the most helpful information. From the UK myself but will give it a go with my current account debit card and my no cash advance fee credit card.
  14. Thanks for the advice. Been looking at Health Plans which commence at 6,000 USD per annum with no existing conditions. Didn't realise those provided cover World-wide.
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