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  1. 100%. An Uncle (now deceased) endured a decade of debilitating back pain, sometimes walking bent over for days. Physiotherapists and hospital specialists proved useless. The specialist finally 'signed him off' with the words; 'Whatever it is that you are doing that you think might be causing this, stop doing it'. He went to an osteopath and paid £10 GBP. He was warned that it was going to hurt and it did. He never had any further back problems. True!
  2. Spot on! Shortly before I retired went for an interview with the NHS. The job was recovering the cost of treatment already provided from people who weren't entitled to receive it for free. The office looked extremely impoverished. A little while later I heard they had abandoned trying to recover such monies as not cost effective.
  3. Not good. Other than by ship as already suggested, it is possible to drive. That would be an endurance test too. But it may be possible to make the entire journey in one appropriately equipped vehicle?
  4. Apparently yes. It is/was the longest possible rail journey. No idea how many separate tickets and changes of trains you would have to make, or the total cost of the journey. But it is possible.
  5. Because at some point the hospital will determine that the gentleman's health cannot be improved any further. He will then no longer be entitled to remain in hospital. No mention of if he has been able to pay for his treatment to date?
  6. Most helpful thank you. Alternatively, I understand that it is possible to travel by rail between UK and Singapore (Singapore being the furthest continental land mass with a rail connection). As you say, where there is a will there is a way!
  7. They're in shock! Seriously, a visa agent told me the majority of her customers are British and live from day to day upon their Government pensions. 800,000 baht is beyond their means. What chance any of those guys having health care plans?
  8. Difference between treatment and care. As the gentleman can't swallow he must be being fed through a tube. Communication is another problem. Realistically, is there a chance of improvement if he did receive free therapy in UK? It must be possible to arrange personal care within Thailand that's affordable for the gent?
  9. Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to let us know. Halifax Bank have the same concerns and suggested the same method. Santander say they have no issues posting replacement cards to Thailand. However, they only accept notification of addresses abroad via hard copy (download a form from their website, fill it in and post it to them in Bradford with proof of ID and abroad address).
  10. Wow! Many thanks for this. I have a UK driving licence but no wish to drive in Thailand. Yellow book is very difficult for me to obtain so next time the Mrs goes to Land Transport Office we will ask if it's possible to issue a photo ID card without the driving licence part?
  11. Thanks for the tip! Never thought about using an agent to obtain my yellow book. My amphur requires a trip to my Consulate in Bangkok. Last time we went my appointment slot required overnight hotel. I also have the wrong type of birth certificate which doesn't list my parents names. I am assuming that for 1,700 baht the agent must be able to persuade your amphur to 'simplify' the application process?
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