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  1. Since Victorian era it has been known that it is the certainty of being caught that is the deterrent not the severity of the sentence. However, in the case of say a career criminal who uses the threat of violence and carries a cosh, I believe he would be deterred from escalating to carrying a firearm if he knew he could end up being hanged.
  2. Credit to you for trying! That's sad because I donated for the first time (in Thailand) this July at age 64. They have mobile sessions every 3 months at our local district office. Been here since 2017. Advised them I was previously a regular whole blood, plasma and platelet donor in U.K. They didn't bar me because of spending more than 3 months total in England between 1980 and 1996.
  3. Same here. Until fairly recently Halifax Bank couldn't (or maybe wouldn't) send International SMS. However, they do now. Might be worth the OP checking (if hasn't already done so) as such things may have similarly changed with his bank(s).
  4. Surprised me too! The first dentist (doctor) I went to was a one-woman surgery in my small home town. She told me a filling wasn't possible, needed extraction or root canal work that she doesn't do and telephoned a colleague in a multi-dentist practice in the next larger town. At that practice a young woman dentist examined me and took X-ray. She told me my options were either root canal or extraction. I decided to go with the root canal, she said I don't do them and organised an appointment with a specialist at same practice. Today the specialist had to take another X-ray and suggested the si
  5. Absolutely correct! She went with me today to the dental clinic and had three fillings done herself. On my credit card of course. You have to laugh!
  6. Sound advice thank you! Just got back from the dental clinic. The 'specialist' had to take another X-ray. He suggested that as the previous filling had lasted many years the simple solution would be to put in another. So that's what I've had done today. Cost 1,270 baht.
  7. My Thai Mrs has a favourite line for me whenever I do anything she doesn't like; 'Do you want to die?'.
  8. A young Thai lady dentist (doctor) performed the examination and took X-Ray. She was very good. Unfortunately she doesn't do root canals and has referred me to a male colleague specialist.
  9. Thanks, good advice. Under U.K. NHS treatment should come under Band 3 (£269.30) as against 14,000 baht (£350). I was really meaning that I would go by myself home to England and the Mrs wouldn't know what I'd had done. However, I absolutely agree with you and, from what I've seen taking my Mother-in-Law to Thai Government hospitals I too have more faith in them than in U.K. NHS.
  10. Thanks for reply! No it wasn't a wisdom tooth. I had those removed 45 years ago. Dentist couldn't cope by himself and fetched another brute who ripped my gums apart and stitched them afterwards. Jaw swelled so much had to take next day off work.
  11. Can only speak for U.K. Many of us had a mouthful of unnecessary fillings by our early teens. This was because dental treatment was free under our National Health Service up to the age of 21. We are registered with one particular dental practice. Dentist's bought yachts in the Bahamas by defrauding our N.H.S. Although you could seek a second opinion they were mostly all 'at it' and closed ranks saying such as 'matter of opinion' and 'prevention is better than cure'. I can only ever recall a couple being reported and shamed in the newspapers.
  12. Agree and will do! Last extraction I had not too long ago (in U.K.) was barbaric. Took so long wrenching that the dentist told me to go back and sit in the waiting room whilst we both recovered enough to continue.
  13. Certainly don't want any extractions if can be avoided. Maybe have to put up with it until can go back to U.K. without restrictions. You're correct about the thinking of course. Mrs would never buy new tyres for her car (for example).
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