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  1. This really doesn't surprise me at all. Reminds me of the time my mother in law (with 30+ years driving experience) was driving us and a huge coach came rocketing up behind us blaring its horn. The mother in law's reaction was to instanly break.... sending the coach hurtling towards the backend of our car. Thankfully the coach did not hit us but I remember she was so flustered and panicked that she just did not know what to do and carried on but even slower until we 'advised' her that it would be best if she changed lanes. Some people really are clueless when it comes to driving....
  2. My kid speaks fantastic English and we did not give him lessons, he just picked it up naturally as my wife and I talk in English at home. At kindergarten he was taught in only Thai and fairly quickly he was bi-lingual. One other important thing to do is make sure he/she watches their cartoons in English. I cannot emphasise how improtant this is! My boy is always picking up new slang and phrases which still makes me chuckle. It really is nothing to worry about and will take care of itself.
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