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  1. This really doesn't surprise me at all. Reminds me of the time my mother in law (with 30+ years driving experience) was driving us and a huge coach came rocketing up behind us blaring its horn. The mother in law's reaction was to instanly break.... sending the coach hurtling towards the backend of our car. Thankfully the coach did not hit us but I remember she was so flustered and panicked that she just did not know what to do and carried on but even slower until we 'advised' her that it would be best if she changed lanes. Some people really are clueless when it comes to driving....

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  2. My kid speaks fantastic English and we did not give him lessons, he just picked it up naturally as my wife and I talk in English at home. At kindergarten he was taught in only Thai and fairly quickly he was bi-lingual. One other important thing to do is make sure he/she watches their cartoons in English. I cannot emphasise how improtant this is! My boy is always picking up new slang and phrases which still makes me chuckle. It really is nothing to worry about and will take care of itself.

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  3. After reading this tragic story I was left wondering the same as everyone else... why such little info about the wife!? My Thai wife was reading the same story in the Thai news and guess what.... no information about the wife!!! I think it is pretty certain that the wife is of Thai nationality and for this reason the press either feel obliged (or instructed to) withhold any info about her as it reflects badly on the LOS.

  4. If there is no will in place I believe the inheritance will be split equally between the widow, the children (of the deceased) and the parents (of the deceased).


    A few years ago my wifes father died and because he had no will - the money that was to be inherited was split equally between my wife, her sister, her mother and her dads mother. Now because my wifes mother is not so well off my wife and her sister handed their share over to her. And my wife fully expected her grandmother (dads mum) to do the same honourable thing (especially as she was a lady in her 80's with loads of cash and loads of gold with nothing to spend it on). WRONG! She sent her daughter round to inspect the paperwork and make sure that she got her entire share of the proceeds! Quite unbelievable but yet not so unexpected.


    When it comes to money you just don't know how anyone will behave.... especially here in teh LOS!!!

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  5. 4 hours ago, roobaa01 said:

    in jomtien it's the rule, married no kids a witness with tabien baan pattaya, photo witness in front of your house, forms in thai to be signed by the witness thai only. although it can be a farang with thai nationality which i brought along this year . wbr roobaa01

    my wife and I have a son so i guess that explains why we didn't jump through the extra hoops!!

  6. I'm pretty sure that Immigration is correct on this (If I have understood correctly). The 90 day is nothing to do with your visa - it is purely from when you enterd the country. So from the date you entered - every 90 days you must go and get your stamp regardless of what the situation is with your visa. Everytime you do this they should attach a piece of paper into your passport telling you when you are next due to attend for the 90 day stamp. Thats how it works with my marriage (non o) visa so would it be right to assume it should be the same for you!?

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  7. I just did my extension for the 5th year running. Did not require any witness signature (there isn't anywhere on the forms for this anyway), did not need a photo with the Immigration Officer. However, in regard to photos - they told me to redo because they require 2 pics per A4 page (I had 4 pics to a page). Also required pic of me in my bedroom, in various rooms and outside my house. Sometimes it really does depend on the luck of the draw in respect of which 'Officer' you get to deal with!!!!

  8. Anyone else experiencing the same delays as me in getting a visa renewal!? I have Non O visa and was due to collect from Nonthaburi Office on the 16th August (1 month after I completed all the forms and usual hoops to jump through). At the time the Immigration Officer 'recommended' I come the day after the 16th so obviously some delay expected on their behalf. Went in today (the 20th August) and the guy on the front counter took one look and handed my passport back to me and said ' you too early... wait longer'. Taken aback I politely enquired aprox how long I should wait before returning, without looking up he replied 'maybe 2 more weeks'.... conversation over.... that was it..... no explaination.... nothing!!!!! Anyone have a similar experience or have any idea what's going on??? I have been here 4 or 5 years on the same visa and never experienced something like this!?

  9. I agree - something doesn't add up here. I opened my account in minutes albeit with a spouse visa and 3 or 4 years ago. And all the ex-pats I know have opened accounts with minimal effort unless something has changed very recently. I would advise against using the agent (especially if they got wind of your substantial deposit on its way)!!!! Good Luck and if at first you don't succeed - then try and try again!!!

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