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  1. The son says, he stopped the big payments, so father could support himself if he had a little assistance from a fellow fallang, perhaps the unit manager? I like the old bloke, hope he finds someone to help. I live too far away, otherwise I would volunteer to assist him. Deportation would definitely break him, from what i can read about him. Here's cheers to a real champ!
  2. Good on him, one of my kind. 21 years older than me. I hope to have his mental capacity when i am his age. At this, or any other stage, I would fight tooth and nails too, to remain in this beautiful country of ours. Bugger going back to where we came from. Of course that doesn't make your job any easier, and I am glad, he has a caring family member. If at all possible, I would try to let him carry on as before to let him dream his life out until the inevitable happens anyway
  3. Careful, when pointing the finger, I make mistake s on the road too
  4. ...but then, you shouldn't drink it in any case, can you? To what extent would over- chlorinated shower water be harmful? Ok in toilets, i suppose?
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