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  1. ...and they should get whipped hard, while they should pay 10 (or 20) times the price of a vaccination. And no, the Thai people overseas should not pay a cent for their vaccination! ha ha Anyone know the price of vaccinations? cheers, all fun (and games)
  2. Does each person need one , or two jabs, to be effectively vaccinated? 1.43 %, does that include 2 doses?
  3. Thank God, Mars has no oceans to flush garbage into, but NASA probably has plans for that too...
  4. Fully agreed, Natway like cleaning up the oceans of the <deleted> that we are putting there.
  5. Absolutely, Mike, you’d be f...ed! good thinking.. unless....this would be another case like the bedridden bloke, the bank would reluctantly cough up ... wishful dreaming
  6. Yes, Bangon, I know someone who’s got billions of dollars, this would be a brilliant example, to put some of that money back into the community
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