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  1. The contract with agency has ended, but I’m assuming there is separate contract with the school which is still going the full 12 months until the visa ends Returning to the school in May means I wouldn’t be on overstay, just on school holidays
  2. Thanks That sounds like one big headache so I think I’ll see it out until the work permit ends
  3. I recently completed a 1-year contract with a school and now wanting to either change school or go onto a covid 60-day tourist visa if necessary (The contract was through an agency so i'm guessing this is why the dates don't match) The problem is that after joining, the work permit took 3-months to process, so my non-b and work permit don't finish until July Does this stop me from taking on another position in May? I've had one job offer at another school, but they've said I have to arrange the visa myself (with assistance from their teachers)
  4. well it's school holidays for 1 month (unpaid) and they are expecting me back next month, I just haven't signed the contract yet maybe it's easier to quit once the non-b finishes in July
  5. I'm in a similar situation but confused about the process... My contract with the school ended last month but the non-b extension doesn't finish until July So do I cancel this non-b extension, apply for a covid 60 day extension, then start a new non-b when after finding a new school? Also worried the current school will randomly cancel my work permit and i'll unknowingly be on overstay
  6. I’m trying to delay the course as much as possible to see whether requirements and accepted courses change. Also in 2 years I’ll probably be able to afford a PGCEi instead. Would it not be better to see if the application is rejected first, then apply for the course? I’m not sure how long the process takes, or whether I’d have to take a year off teaching if rejected..
  7. I’ve tried searching this and have had mixed results.. I've used 3 waivers in the space of 4 years. What are the chances of getting a 4th waiver? I’ve heard it can be done if there’s 2 years remaining of the 6. If the application is rejected, I’m prepared to enrol on the Filipino course, but not sure how long this delays the procedure..
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