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  1. I could pay 177 for an emergency passport if I can get an appt in time. The airline ..........Thai of course. The staff at check in work for err Menzies perhaps. No sign of Thai staff around. Thanks for the nice replies
  2. Phew thanks for good replies . Ok it is a few days under the 6 months. To be honest I feel a tad embarrassed. It is for a thirty day exemption. I have just popped round to t2 and had a word with some of the staff at the check in . The staff looked at the info on screens and saw no issues. I did have look on the embassy website under faqs . FAQ can I travel with less than 6 months and the answer essentially says it is all done to discretion of airline and immigration staff.
  3. Sorry for this and I guess the answer is simple. I am travelling to Thailand soon and just realised my passport is just under 6 months from expiring. Is the 6 month thing enforced and will I get on the plane
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