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  1. A big thank you to every one for your thoughts advice and suggestions its very much appreciated and I am going to check out each option and I will post the results back here. The local vet who we have taken Star to on numerous occasions carried out several ( scrape the dogs skin ) biopsy's and blood tests and prescribed a drug called APOQUEL. APOQUEL (oclacitinib tablet) works differently than other treatments for allergic dog itch. I researched that drug and came across many articles like this one … https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/wouldnt-give-dog-new-allergy-drug/ The cost of APOQUEL is around 6,000 Baht for 100 3.6 mg tablets. I thought that drug cost seemed to be excessive so I would search for an alternative vet’s opinion and at the same time seek out a possible answer that I could try my self at home. In the mean time I have purchased several items mentioned here by members and plan to give them a try . I know that seeking a vets advice is the correct thing to do , but my faith in my local vets has been severely dented by past outcomes and visits. I have now managed to find the nearest vet that only specializes in skin disorders on animals ( Dermatology ) and they are located at the khon kaen university veterinary hospital which is approximately a full day's 140 km round trip from where I live and they are only available one day a week . I have already prepared a written history of Star’s past visits and treatment at the local vets. So before I book an appointment at khon kaen university veterinary hospital , and make the long trip to there I am going to try out the suggestions posted here by other members . It at first glance seem that Star’s skin problem may be due to ..... 1. Malassezia Dermatitis 2. Sarcoptic Mange ( see photographs ) Again many thanks every one , your input is really appreciated by my self and Star
  2. We have an 8 year old shih tzu bitch ( called - Star ) that has a skin problem for the around 8 Months We have taken star to several local vet’s to try and resolve her on going skin issue , our current female vet has carried out a range tests on Star including several blood tests and skin biopsy's and has determined that the cause of Stars on going skin problem ‘’ may ‘’ be due to one of the following. 1. An out side allergenic ( some thing that Star comes into contact while roaming outside the house walled garden area ) 2. An in side allergenic ( some thing in side our house that is causing Stars skin problem ) 3. A food allergy reaction ( some thing in the type of food we are feeding Star ) 4. A reaction to the shampoo used on Star . 5. A problem relating to Dog Ticks & Fleas To try and narrow down the cause of Stars skin problem we have done over many months duration the following . 1. An out side allergenic - we have restricted Stars time out of the house to a new area we prepared which is totally clean of any thing that Star may come into contact with which could cause a skin problem ( no plants or other foliage just bare earth ). 2. An in side allergenic – We stopped altogether using any chemicals in the house like floor cleaners or furniture polish , mosquito sprays , air fresheners etc. 3. A food allergy reaction – As recommended by the current vet Stars food was totally change to a brand of hypoallergenic dog food. 4. A reaction to the shampoo used on Star – As recommended by the current vet we changed to a different brand of shampoo ( Dermcare Malaseb Medicated Shampoo ). 5. A problem relating to Dog Ticks , Fleas – As recommended by the current vet Star was put on a course of – Frontline and is clear of any skin parasite issues . We constantly wash Stars bedding and soft toys After months of trying the above ideas Stars skin problem is still the same and has not improved at all . The skin issue is generally on a few areas and not over Stars whole body I’m wondering if I have missed any out thing in out attempt to cure Stars skin problem . Our vet only wants to prescribe more drugs to stop Star from scratching her self. If we cannot find a solution then our last hope seems to be to try and find a veterinary dermatologist , as far as I can see there are no veterinary dermatologist in our area ( Korat ) so it may involve a long trip to Bangkok . Any thoughts - suggestions or advice welcome
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