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  1. People I personally know who seem to be the most fulfilled in their life seem to be the ones that rarely post on facebook . To me it seems that vast numbers of these phone zombies are constantly trying to convince every one else that they are having such a great time and have a great life but in reality they are really not.
  2. This is a rant I just have to get off my chest I recently held a birthday party at my house inviting friends and family . As we all sat around the table it struck me , some of my guests had their mobile phone laying right next to their plates of food and from time to time they kept picking up their mobile phone and glancing at it and tapping the screen . I asked one guest what they were looking at . Oh its just my facebook page . As time went on it seemed that some of my birthday party guests were more interested in paying attention to their mobile phones
  3. So there you are taking you dog Spike out for its evening walk , the sun's going down as you enter the local wood , Spike runs off and disappears from view. As you venture deeper into the wooded area you hear off in the distance Spike wildly barking , as you approach Spike you can now see what he is barking at . There right before you in a clearing resting on the ground is a large metallic saucer shaped object which is making a low humming sound. As you walk towards the strange humming craft what appears to be a ramp and doorway starts to slide open. Spike seeing the doorway runs inside and yo
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