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  1. Yeah... I was married in the village Ampur Satuek. Registered my marriage in Bangkok and have used the offices in Buriram City for the Kor Ror 2. My wife tells me they have an intranet system and we should be able to get this at any office.
  2. Yes you can. They have the information at any Amphur.
  3. You're better off buying a small piece of land from her family, an uncle who wants some cash, then build you small abode on that. Pay in cash. Of course you will own nothing, but if you ever have to cut your losses, you won't be out much. A guy can by a small piece out here in the village for as low as 100,000 baht and build you a 50 Sq M house for about a million. I bought a 3 rai piece right on our main road, has power and I put a water well for 300,000 total including the cost of adding dirt for the building site and a water well. My 36 sq M house, with an additional 20 Sq meter of outside
  4. Does anyone know if those recent "STV" Chinese business men that recently came in to buy up the place have to wear this tracking system?
  5. In America handling a weapon is in the DNA. Often times this is in fact the problem... when they go psycho and shoot up the place. Don't forget, it is not just the psychos that create trouble, there are other forces at play (work).
  6. I just talked with my son back home... he reports can still get 9mm but 5.56 is hard to get now... 223 and 300 blackout (7.62×35mm) in limited supplies at the remaining gun shops.
  7. Well there you have it. Getting in our out is likely going to be even more problematic now... I suspect you will have a very good argument for finding another solution for your actual physical attendance.
  8. It won't really matter. You will spend all of you time in the room. You will do your own temps. You will communicate via LINE APP to the onsite nurse and staff. You may get to go out for short periods after you pass your first covid test. All depends on whether you want to pay for a high end hotel or a more simpler hotel. I would say honestly, the only difference in experiences may be the food. Presumably if you pay for a nicer hotel you will get better food? I stayed at the Miloft over by the river, 32,000 for the two weeks. The food honestly wasn't horrible, but was very boring packaged food
  9. This was what I was required to meet when I came in one month ago. This requirement comes from the Los Angeles Thai embassy... "A copy of recent bank statement ($700 per person and $1,500 per family)"
  10. If not already stated... you will need to contact the Belgium Thai Embassy and start the process for your return on a Non-Immigrant O-A as that is the only VISA you will be eligible to return on. The only other issue you need to inquire about is if Belgium is one of the countries that Thailand considers a low risk country.
  11. I would add to the discussion... but I'm not allowed. No this is not a joke.
  12. Hope is a waking dream... Biden is dust in the wind... already.
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