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  1. Wow. That sucks... so beyond really the "Thai Wife" and "Retirement" extensions of stay, there are no options unless you pay for the OX or Elite... does that sound about right?
  2. I would like to get my PR. I work as a contractor internationally for my income currently. I have a "Thai Wife" Visa and I understand I also need a work permit both for 3 years before I can apply. Questions: Does the financial requirement for PR need to come from my work in Thailand? And why the hell is their a work permit requirement for PR anyway?
  3. I would like to get my PR. I have a "Thai Wife" VISA. I understand I need three years for the VISA and three years with a work permit. First question if I may, is why does PR require a work permit? Secondly, How does one get a work permit? I currently work as an international contractor, one month in, one month out schedule. Know of, or can you recommend any job that is part-time or volunteer type that would give me a work permit so that I may qualify for the PR? Thank you for your time.
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