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  1. “Show me the money!” That’s what it’s all about regarding vaping in Thailand. The ban has nothing to do with health concerns. Its’ intention is simply to protect tax revenue from the sale of tobacco, and to protect revenue to powerful and influential tobacco product producers and distributors. It’s all such nonsense! If the concerns were about health, it would be tobacco that was banned, not vaping. It seems to be a weekly enforced law though. I vape (often in public) and have never had legal issues. I try to be discrete but I know on more than one occasion I’ve been observed vaping by a police officer and nothing happened. I’m guessing they didn’t need pocket money that day. On one occasion, upon check in at the airport for an outbound domestic flight, security detected a vaping device in my check-in luggage. All they did was instruct me to remove the batteries and put them in my carry-on bag. Things are about to change though (for the better). Due to pressure from influential sources, the ban may very well be lifted within the next twelve months, as soon as the government comes up with a plan to tax them....It’s ALL about the money!
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