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  1. Near the end of the first video Yinn posted there is footage of a bald man in a singlet getting into the ambulance with the victim. Anyone who is drawing conclusions about what happened should check it out. There is something about the body language between them that adds to the original story IMO.
  2. So that's where we draw the line? Interesting... Flashing your high beams at someone or honking the horn does NOT justify murder, but hurting your wife's feelings does? I don't know the background to this story, but based on the information provided above there are neither legal nor moral grounds for killing someone. Being a "basterd" and disrespectful is not enough to warrant being killed.
  3. Karma? As in "it's OK that she gets detained because she killed someone"? I'm not sure the scales of justice are balanced out if I shoot my gf in the stomach because she had a new boyfriend, or someone on the side, or even a quickie behind the wood pile - not even if she were my wife would that be seen as "karma". I'm sure she wouldn't see it that way - looking at the fresh wound in her belly and the blood spreading her last words would surely be "oh, that's a fair cop, I had it coming..."
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