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  1. "Inevitably they will infect others"? Really? I think you'll find, after a quick Google search, that your assertion is more of an assumption and pretty much baseless.
  2. That’s not correct. It’s more like: Zero quarantine -> epidemic Having no quarantine doesn’t equal epidemic. Ever. But it might lead to it. But that is also highly unlikely, given that passengers are tested with a reasonably reliant test before boarding the planes.
  3. I think the tests are before departure, not on arrival https://www.bbc.com/news/business-54604100
  4. Yes you're missing something. Is it empathy? These people have spent considerable amounts of time and money (100,000+ baht) to qualify for this trip, which can only be done if they are covid-free. Doesn't it seem unnecessarily cruel to expose these people to infection on the flight? All that being said - very few foreign people are actually infected on the flights, as evidenced by the extremely low numbers of farang infections discovered in quarantine. If they only started to allow flights where all passengers are pre-tested, they could do away with quarantine.
  5. OP mentions I think it's unclear whether you have to pay for your entire planned stay (minus ASQ) or not. The 15 days is just the minimum based on that the shortest stay is 30 days.
  6. It took about 10 days for me to get a reply, the same as everyone, i.e. "wait for clarification from government".
  7. Whenever they drop that comment about "cutting off the wang and feeding it to the ducks", it sounds like they do it to sound jealous, even though they really don't care. But it doesn't matter to me if it's sincere or not. It just shuts down everything and they find themselves with a one-way ticket home.
  8. I feel sorry for all of these hotels (or the staff and owners of all these hotels rather) working hard to comply with all the regulations for becoming approved for ASQ/ALSQ only to find out there are few to no guests. The cheaper options seem to get booked first. I also find it weird that the hotels try to promote themselves as they always do. We have very nice facilities: infinity pool, relaxing spa, well-appointed gym, etc - none of which you can use We are located very centrally, near the shopping malls, near a park, near the BTS, etc - none of which you can use
  9. I think the principle that determines the decision of the OP's friend is that the doesn't want to benefit a third party. Remunerating the lady for her services is OK, but when there is a third party taking a cut, maybe the friend doesn't want to support what he sees as a pimp, which would make the entire fake-relationship-thing feel too seedy. The pimp may be seen as a necessary evil for short term gratification though.
  10. Surely it’s much too onerous for Thai people to pay around 6,000 baht for a pre-flight PCR test?
  11. It was never about the 150 Chinese tourists actually being on the island. It was about the fear and panic it would have created among the expected festival visitors. The government has done a fine job of painting all foreigners as dangerous, so if there had been 150 Chinese tourists on the island no visitors would have dared go there. Even if the tourists were properly quarantined.
  12. If only a few hundred tourists can come to begin with, Thailand is trying to get only the wealthiest tourists. Other countries seem happy to welcome any who can afford to go.
  13. To each his own - I find pictures of the sterilized luxury tourist areas in Dubai totally off-putting.
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