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  1. Chengguan means"Urban Management And Law Enforcement". Xieguan is there's assistant. You can understand it as part of the police. Obviously, most Chinese think it's very rude.
  2. Darkie is always a Chinese brand。 The name in chinese is "黑人" means "Black People" The company(Hawley&Hazel)was founded in 1933,in Shanghai. And maybe because of the WW2 or the Civil War of China.They move to Hongkong and Taiwan. you can see pictures After Colgate purchased 50 percent of the firm in 1985, religious groups, African-Americans, and company shareholders protested the racially offensive nature of the brand. After more than three years of criticism, Colgate switched the name from Darkie to Darlie and modified the logo to a less crude version of a black man.
  3. Just like you said. I'm almost not tip in Thailand only if I feel I get good services. But my my confusion is about the coins and papers. Is anyone not Chinese heard this before?thx
  4. Hi folks, I'm a Chinese working in bkk. Here is something maybe interesting(or not) Every Chinese tourist who comes to Thailand will be told not to pay ur tips in coin(in Paper currency only) The guides (or any information on the Internet) will tell you that in Thailand, tipping in coins is very rude and offensive. I mean, every one,every guides,every website,every people will tell you that over and over. No one doubts. You can see this warning in any Chinese travel guide for Thailand. Coins can only be given to beggars! Coins can only be given to beggars! Coins can only be given to beggars! If you pay a coin for a tip, maybe the waiter will be super angry,and punch your face. So i've seen a lot of interesting things happen here. After some Chinese tourists check, they put the coins to their pockets and take out the paper money as a tip. Sometimes they don't have 20/40 baht paper currency(you know,always happend), maybe they will pay 100,500. In the beginning, I think this may be a kind of culture of Western countries(Sorry,i really don't know even now) because Thailand may not be a tipping rule country until lots of Western tourists come. So I tried to search Google for anything about coins and tips. I don't know if I didn't find Useful information because my English was not good enough. There are only a few people who discuss whether quarters should be paid as a tip, but it seems that the conclusion is only about how much you pay? So, I try Korean and Japanese keywords with Google translation about coins and tips in thailand. I thought it might be a rumor in East Asian countries. Still nothing. So,only chinese?I mean really, you can ask anyone chinses people in thailand,they know this,they had been told before.I'm sure. Is anyone telling me if this ture? Or is this ture in your motherland?thanks a lot.
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