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  1. Because they think that they are making movies for the 'modern generation" and they are trying to be so inclusive ,its the same on tv ,i know the usual suspects will just say i am racist ,but some of my favourite tv shows and movies have black actors , these days every series has a black and white couple ,a gay couple and in the case of the new series of The Split a black and white gay couple,very Woke . and having black innkeepers in the 1700s in London ,the list goes on just trying to show how inclusive they are ,the result most of the latest series and movies have the lowest ever viewing figures .
  2. Why rent ? my wife bought our house ,its worth twice what we paid ,where we live every house that goes on the market sells(must be the right location) been happy here for years ,its where i will pop my clogs .
  3. I have a Chevy built here in Rayong ,never had a problem terrific little car ,dont worry about spares ,they will not stop making them for the millions of cars and pickups around the world
  4. well he hated Jews ,now who else hates them and bombs them? not just right wingers , this was not only about religion ,read the reports .
  5. Well reading the latest reports on this fruitcake ,it seems he hated muslims Jews , aliens from outer space who were controlling the govt ,also they were sacrificing babies ,the list goes on , lets face it this guy was not right ,wing ,left wing or any wing ,but a complete nut job.
  6. So they dont do hate crimes, tell that to those in the west and Christians all over the world . Oh and by the way i was not on the side of this nutcase ,he is as bad as the other side that kill us .
  7. I fear that this will happen more and more as time goes on ,the west opened the floodgates and allowed people with vastly different lifestyles and beliefs in ,then we got mass murders by some of them ,it just lit the fire for fruitcakes like this to retaliate .
  8. After reading all the informed opinion on here and weighing it all up ,i have come to the conclusion that A /the baht will go down B/ the baht will go up or C/ it will stay the same dont say i didnt warn you .
  9. It has fasinated me for years that people can believe in god and that Jesus was born to his virgin mother . When you realize that there are so many billions of planets across hundreds of billions of light years. It must be great to believe in a God and that one day you will be reunited with your loved ones a lady once said to me that she knows she will meet Jesus when she dies,i thought gosh he must be busy sitting down with the billions of people who die. Do you really believe in him or any of the other Gods ? Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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