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  1. Every time i read posts like this ,i thank goodness that i was lucky enough to meet my wife who was in business as are her family and they are all decent middle class Thais ,who treat me so well and i think the world of them, Ps for 25 years ever since he was about 15 her youngest brother has always been broke and begs off us all ,mind you he is a nice guy ,just useless in business.
  2. I have no plan B i have a wife a son ,who runs a company , if my money ran out ,my family or my wifes would help , i could not even imagine leaving them and going back to the UK at my age ,although a home would be no problem luckily my UK family are quite well off , but i would prefer to be poor and with my wife ,
  3. As was said by Ubon joe ,if you want to be registered as married ,do get it done before you leave the USA .i changed over a year ago and to be honest it was easier just to fly back to the UK for a holiday and do it there ,rather than from Thailand.
  4. my Thai wife has an NI no as well we claimed child benifit while in England ,is she entitled eventualy.?
  5. your wife sounds like mine ,does she wash the car as well oh and run marathons?
  6. My wife never watches Thai tv ,except for the news ,she thinks its rubbish , what does your wife think? and why is my wife so anti Thai soaps etc ,especially as her sister over 20 yrs ago used to be in them . believe it or not her favourite tv show is an old one FRAZIER, she loves it.
  7. lets face it ,this law was brought out when the only people who went to live abroad were rich ,unlike todays pensioners ,mainly from Britain who get the lowest of pensions going .
  8. if they paid in all their lives they earned it ,by the way check google and see how many pensioners have been done for fraud for claiming rises ,if you can find even one ,let us know , psi i dont mean those claiming the social ,i know one who was caught doing that ,nothing was done even to him except take away some of his payments.a few months later he was back over here for 3 months.
  9. 2500 for oil change ,god almighty ,my mechanic charges 700 baht for a 6000 km service ,(i supply the oils) and he picks it up and delivers it back. never been let down .
  10. you are a saint ,mind you there are thousands and thousands of immigrants to Britain who have never paid in a penny ,unlike all the pensioners who paid all their lives,claiming a fortune every week ,by comparison the pensioners claiming rises are a minute drop in the ocean.
  11. did ours a few weeks ago ,easy as pie ,out in about 20 mins ,immigration police came a week later ,didnt even come into our house.just got our neighbour to sign and took a few pics outside ,
  12. there is an answer to that ,and its marry a well educated woman ,who works in a decent business ,live with her in the UK for many years ,and you will find that she is pretty much like any decent Girl from your country ,i have never spoken pidgin English or been spoken to in Pidgin English by my wife and as our son spent his early years in a Local English school in England he actually speaks with a local accent when he speaks English ,and while i have no problem at all with bar girls ,many are lovely and i am sure make decent wives ,for the most part they come from lower class uneducated family
  13. To be honest if your knuckles are that hard and stiff i would see a doctor ,that or soak them in oil it must be so uncomfortable to have brass knuckles.
  14. It has fasinated me for years that people can believe in god and that Jesus was born to his virgin mother . When you realize that there are so many billions of planets across hundreds of billions of light years. It must be great to believe in a God and that one day you will be reunited with your loved ones a lady once said to me that she knows she will meet Jesus when she dies,i thought gosh he must be busy sitting down with the billions of people who die. Do you really believe in him or any of the other Gods ? Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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