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  1. sorry but i have very little trust in anything China says these days ,and as for WHO ,well we know whos pocket they are in.
  2. My wife just tried to register for the jab adding me as a relative ,it would not accept her as she is not registered at any hospital ,let alone me . who is registered at Chonburi ,well i have an appointment for my 3 monthly with the heart doc on teusday so i will try when i am there .
  3. sorry but i dont trust anything the WHO say any longer ,especially regarding anything from China
  4. what do you mean anymore ,i had business in BKK 25 yrs ago ,they were as much use as a chocolate spoon then .
  5. Tell me about it ,my Thai sister in law is married to a British/Thai and she has diabetes ,gets great free treatment in the UK ,mind you she has worked and paid tax there about 15 yrs.
  6. Well the wife has been trying to register me with my pink card for hours ,it just says the no is not correct ,so ,i cant see how i can register ,especially as i use my pink card at Chonburi hospital no problem.
  7. My wifes best mate is a lawyer who owns her own company ,her advice right from the start was get a yellow house book and a pink card ,it was good advice ,ive had one now for years .
  8. my son tried to register me with my pink card ,but it just keeps coming up that its not registered ,actually i am registered at Chonburi heart hospital .we use my pink card there .
  9. I know what you mean and if i left i have a place to live ,no problem ,but to leave my wife ,my son ,my life behind ,there would be nothing left to live for .
  10. If you are registered at a Thai govt hospital with your pink card (i am at Chonburi as a heart patient) do you think we will be called in for the jab?
  11. We always wear masks ,except when we are out and alone ,when the wife and i walk ,we sometimes see someone in the distance or driving by in a car or m/bike, ,also when out in the car its only the wife and i ,so why wear a mask ,we will do ,but to be honest it wont help.
  12. Thank goodness not due there for ages yet ,also have plenty of eye drops,but i am due to go to Chonburi hospital soon .
  13. Sorry one mistake i made was its 490 baht i pay not 900 when i see the doc at Sirakit,the drops i have to use are the most expensive ,the two cheap ones did not bring the pressure down ,its ganfort ,they are imported from Ireland at farcino 1590 for one month at sirakit 795 . by the way when using Sirakit if you get the doc who has a clinic in Pattaya she is good but will not speak english ,she is old school ,the young one no problem ,so my wife comes with me .
  14. I went to the one behind bic c extra 6 years ago ,he said i had a cataract and needed an operation next week 52 k ,charged me a lot for drops etc ,on advice i went to Queen Sirakit hospital in satahip ,where i saw a lady doctor(she also runs the other clinic you mentioned and is the eye doc at the international hospital) i had a full set of tests first ,was then told i had a very small cataract ,nothing need be done yet(6 yrs later i may be ready i feel) she also told me i had pressure in my eyes and needed drops ,the third lot worked, i go every 3 months for a check up with her (there is also
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