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  1. You mean that there are British pensioners living here? well i never
  2. yes as seen by a silly remainer, oh sorry i mean loser . never mind
  3. I have a friend who spent time in open prison ,ok he did not hurt anyone ,just the sort of thing you get to go there fore ,said it was a joke ,just like Butlins ,but free ,had a good time there ,you would not believe half of what went on. for really bad criminals ,if no death sentence ,then make prison a very very nasy time ,work,work work ,and no nice tv more like a Thai prison .
  4. Why should the taxpayer pay out massive amounts of cash to keep the likes of the Yorkshire Ripper ,living in comfort in a nice cell with tv ,books etc etc ,if no death sentence ,then work hard 8 hours a day then locked up in a cell with no comforts , sorry if i am no bleeding heart liberal ,
  5. I fear that when this is over it will no longer be an overseas destination for far more than the Chinese
  6. wow ,the Guardian ,are they still begging for money to keep printing their left wing dreams? how many readers do they have ,have they hit a hundred yet?
  7. I love your posts they give us all a good laugh ,,any more good dreams like these?
  8. I did ,and its nowhere even near your scare story , London will still be the hub ,
  9. its already at the airport ready to go to the UK
  10. rather than true is there any other packages you can have on your tv.?
  11. so which son did he send ,The Jewish one who is still to come ,Jesus ,who it took a long time for the CHRISTIANS to decide was the "actual" one or Mo who the Muslims think is the real prophet? decisions decisions,
  12. very hard to believe that God created billions upon billions of planets ,then decided to send his son down to ours ,dont you think? lovely thought ,but then ,muslims have a different thought , also the Jews who invented him in the first place are still waiting, and then there are so many who believe in a variety of Gods ,its a puzzle i must say . by the way boys 688 pages ,i never dreamt it would be this popular ,maybe there is a a God
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