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  1. To all those who said the pink card was useless, ,well it isnt had my AZ jab 10 days ago . thank you God ,oh i forgot i dont believe in him
  2. 10 days now , feel normal ,no after effects thank goodness ,not even a sore arm .
  3. Same happened to me then they messaged day before that they had vac and to come AZ
  4. All i can say is thank god for the pink card ,without it goodness knows when i would have got a vacination .
  5. your dead right about the pink card ,very useful ,so glad i have one .
  6. they registered me on mor phrom in Thai ,but at the hospital i got the shot i am registered in English. the certificate i have after my first shot is also in Thai.
  7. correct ,i did mine while on holiday over there , also as we were married in the UK previously i had to get my marriage certificate authenticated ,sent it to Milton Keynes ,they did it ,all in all took a few weeks while i was on holiday in the UK.
  8. Everywhere i have ever shown it it has been accepted ,thank goodness i had one as the wife registered me on the Mor Phrom app for the jab ,got it when they said .
  9. It has fasinated me for years that people can believe in god and that Jesus was born to his virgin mother . When you realize that there are so many billions of planets across hundreds of billions of light years. It must be great to believe in a God and that one day you will be reunited with your loved ones a lady once said to me that she knows she will meet Jesus when she dies,i thought gosh he must be busy sitting down with the billions of people who die. Do you really believe in him or any of the other Gods ? Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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