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  1. true and wrong at the same time.. If you are married you just need 2 employees and only (1 million capital), as for the constuction company i am not sure!
  2. Well there is basically nothing you can do about, but i have sent her a link she clicked on it, and now i got her IP, and much more info...
  3. Sorry it;s https://www.safety.co.th/ Yes i do use them for a while, since i have myself some expensive stuff, never any issue so far!
  4. mega bangna has that sizes i know i because i needed as well big size shoes ^^
  5. what you talking... i get refunds from lazada if needed
  6. Give me his lineid il tru to see if he reply me if yes you know what is going on..
  7. i mean that he shall not withdrawl anything and if there is an atm card linked the bank could cut the annual fee, this will drop him below 400k...
  8. any immigration no documents needed just 2 picutres and 1900 thb
  9. and better deposit like 1k extra and make sure it will not drop below for 2 months until you got approved
  10. really, i think to remember that it's allready final desicion to be removed?
  11. why, if he pays the year end tax no issues.. no where there is a rule that the company need to make any profit
  12. but that is sadly true, many years ago i got my bkk bank acc and was NOT able to use all this stuff, only after i showed a workpermit a feq months later it was possible..
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