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  1. A lot callbacks not working the api is half broken anyway..
  2. Ubonjoe always give good advice and help where he can, he shall be promoted to admin!
  3. kralledr

    super rich

    is the limit, but if you declare it to the costums then no problem
  4. did you see the topic date, op is not active anymore
  5. Fine him, how much 500 bath?! This scumbag will do the same again when he his drunk, so better he go home and stay there!
  6. Because of idiots like him, the visa rules get each time stricter... Hopefully he will be banned for lifetime, and deported, so he can do that in his own country!
  7. thanks, is it not the bank adress that need to be used? and can they send in euro or has it to be thb?
  8. Hello, i will need to know what info the sender need to pay me from europe to my scb bank in hua hin, could someone please post any example?
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