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  1. I worked 12+ hours a day, 7 days a week for years in order to free myself from 9-5 rat race
  2. By nicer and happier I mostly meant when they sing, dance, and genuinely smile and are friendly towards you. Security guards, 711 staff, students randomly on the streets - singing and dancing. You don't see happiness in Thailand that much anymore. Students hugging each other and being nice to each other instead of fighting. Of course non of it is always, but I mean generally. As you pointed you can find all negatives in Manila, I don't count Manila as livable part of the PH.
  3. And what insurance do you get for $28 a month in Thailand? Kick in the ass from hospital property to die on the street?
  4. Have you been there? I was multiple times, for months. Actually I just write this comment from the Philippines. People are way nicer, everything is significantly cheaper, nobody tries to rip you off. Even old ladies in sari sari stores speak reasonable English, you would have to look hard to find someone who doesn't. Can't walk out late at night? Why? Haven't felt in danger anywhere. Actually one night I was fairly drunk walking back to hotel and I fall down because my flip flop broke. I broke my knee, no flip flop, and several tricycle drivers run to me to help. They could easily take something, but nope. I got ride back to the hotel for fair price and smile. Filipinos are way nicer, happier and less scammy than Thais.
  5. No, you made your point clear. But didn't expect anyone to show you otherwise. If there are only 2 or 3 countries in the world to fit your requirements then your previous comment is fluff with no substance.
  6. Just curious why this choice? For me it's 1. Philippines, 2. Vietnam, 3. Thailand only reason I spend way too much time in Thailand is because we have (farang) friends there and my gf is Thai
  7. Have you visited any other country outside of Thailand before making assumptions? You can get 1 year visa in Vietnam - just pay $360 if I remember correctly and fill the forms. You can stay in Philippines as soon as you are 35 years old with refundable deposit. The visa is for life, without extensions, reporting and other crap Just to name two, nearby and comparable countries.
  8. Sure, the Chinese money is huge. They often don't care about return, they want to get the money out of China where it can be taken away from them in a moment. Not to mention huge part is money laundering and criminals - like they uncovered in Canada that several billions $ was from drug operations. Will it last though? Look at Australia currently, those who bough property in the past 2-3 years committed financial suicide.
  9. Maybe try to read what this thread is about - nobody is talking about 10M properties in centre of BKK The thread is about 65 - 240 million THB properties in middle of nowhere.
  10. Not really, there are heaps of condos in Asok with low rents. In many buildings the asking rent prices are lower than 5 years ago. It's only the new condos with sky high asking prices. If you put the money in dividends ETFs you would be way better off.
  11. Bangkok is not Singapore or HK. These two cities are together with NY and London the financial centres of the world. Which means thousands of people on very high salaries. Bangkok is what? Corruption centre with handful of billionaire families owning everything. The 240M house would have to rent for 800,000 THB a month to get laughable 4% return before expenses and tax.
  12. I saw this 240+ MM THB homes on Facebook - they advertise heavily Seriously why would someone with such money buy in dirty Bangkok instead of any world class city where you can also expect to get ROI by renting.
  13. You are an idiot. All I'm "demanding" is to follow their own dams laws. Which they often don't. IE: "you visit Thailand too often" ... yea so what, there is no rule preventing it (as for example EU 3 months in, 3 months out) Not to mention your whole argument is stupid. Thailand is not western country, or a country desirable for work or sucking benefits. That's why western countries must be way more strict - it would be full with benefits leaches (well it kind of is already) and illegal workers (there is approx 200,000 illegal Thais working JUST in South Korea). How many Thais can go to 1st world country for 6+ months a year with outside income? Close to zero.
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